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Let me tell you, it feels SO good to be back shooting and planning content. For a while, I have been uninspired, lost, and unsure of what to be creating for my blog. My senior year is in fulllll swing, aka job hunting szn, portfolio building, and a bunch of lasts...

One trend I have been loving and wearing non-stop is "nicer" sneakers, ya know not the ones you run in with major support, but the comfy enough to walk all day, while still looking cute AF. Sneakers and skirts/dresses/anything that is not shorts and a t-shirt, basically, is my new obsession. I love the street style trends that have inched their way into streamline everyday fashion!


Finally, finally, finally, back with a new blog post and more are on their way!

I am going to be honest - I hit a lot of creative ruts this summer, and just this past year in general in terms of my blog. I have taken on a lot of incredible rolls for this fall semester, but there is no excuse for not blogging - I simply have not made it a priority, which I am trying to work on.

Get ready for some fun, new content coming your way very soon.

Today I want to share everything I have been loving for the home, aka my room. Some of these are nothing new or groundbreaking, just the items I have noticed making an actual difference in my day-to-day!

It is no secret I am obsessed with coffee, and a Nespresso machine has been on my wishlist for SO long. After coming back from Italy and drinking espresso every day, instead of a regular cup of coffee, I knew it was worth it. Reality: I save so much money on coffee. Of course, some days I like to park it at a coffee shop to get work done, but other than that I make all my coffee at home and it makes a big difference! A Nespresso is definitely an investment piece, and I plan on having mine for a long time. I have the Vertuo style machine which allows you to make different sizes of coffee, not just standard espresso size, and of course a milk frother.

You think you don't need a charging station until you get one and realize it is one of the most convenient gadgets in your room! My nightstand is a lot smaller than what I am used to, so I was trying to think of ways to minimize clutter and space. This charging station has been a gamechanger. On one little thing, I have a place for my phone, Airpods, and watch! It has kept my nightstand neater, which I love. It sits on this little pink tray from target next to my glasses and my oil diffuser. Who knew a charging station could be so useful and chic at the same time?

If you haven't heard by now, cotton pillowcases are out. For your skin's sake, for your hair's sake, get on the trend, trust me. You could pay like $100 for a pure silk pillowcase, but it is honestly not worth the money when they are plenty of extremely affordable options on Amazon! For me, satin > silk, because satin absorbs less moisture aka all the oils on your face stay on your face and keep your skin hydrated and moisturized when you wake up, which we love. I have the light pink ones! These have drastically changed the nature of my skin and hair. My hair is way less frizzy and chaotic when I wake up and my skin is smoother and retains all the goodness I put on before I go to sleep.

I have this problem with candles where I forget to blow them out... my mom would never let me have them in my room since I could barely remember to turn my straightener off, whoops. So, I don't really trust myself to have them here at school either! I found this oil diffuser at Target while browsing the candle aisle, ironic I know, and I swear this was made for me. You just put the sticks in the oil and it makes your room smell good alllll the time. Truly amazing and I am still shocked it has taken me this long to discover these types of diffusers, but not complaining now!

It feels so, so good to be creating content again! I have been loving these items in my room and seeing actual results come out of using all of them. Let me know if you have any/try any of these items mentioned today! Thanks so much for reading!


I am obsessed with skincare. Ever since I was like 11 my skin has been crap. Although my aggressive acne has finally settled down, I am still dealing with texture, redness, and the occasional breakout (by occasional I mean one every day, but it's fine). I am constantly looking for new products to enhance my life in some way because better skin = enhanced life, for some reason lol. Anyways, the point of this post is a BRAND/PRODUCT REVIEW! I love product reviews - I love reading them and I love writing them. My L'Oreal Lash Paradise review is my most popular post of all time, so I hope y'all are excited about this one!


After my semester abroad, it is so nice to be home and back on a steady-ish routine. I am working almost every day of the week and love it! I cannot believe we are already half-way through July and I head back to USC in less than a month. Wondering what exactly I have been up to this summer? Keep reading to hear all the specifics! ✩