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I have only been to Charleston a few times while living in South Carolina, and every time I go I fall in love with the city and its charm! This was Jake and I's second time going just us - I love that there are so many different things to do, shops, and food options so both of us can be happy, lol. We woke up early and went, so we could have a full day there. We could not have gotten luckier with the weather - sunny, warm, and a nice breeze!


Hellooooo... from AMERICA! I am home safe and sound from my European adventure and finally starting to get my life in order. My last month abroad was amazing and I tried to live in the moment as much as I could, hence why I am just now getting all my final travels on the blog. One of my bucket list experiences was checked off this semester: spending Pascha (Easter) in Greece! Any Greek knows this is something you must do in your life and I am so blessed to have experienced it at such a young age and is truly my most special memory from abroad. ✴✴✴

I knew I wanted to go to an island I had not been to before, so we headed to Naxos, an island next to Paros, where I went last summer, and south of Mykonos! Relaxation and beauty were key when deciding on an island, and Naxos delivered flawlessly. We stayed at the incredible Illiada Villas tucked away on the island; if you are ever going to Naxos, I HIGHLY recommend staying here - the hospitality and views are unmatched.


Spring Break came and went in a heartbeat! Heading to the French Rivera took up the middle of our week, which was probably the most lavish day I have had in a while. It was not hot enough to lay out and tan, but it was warm and windy, which was a relaxing twist to our hustle and bustle of traveling. My SB posts are definitely out of order, I have been trying to focus on what brings the most creative inspiration and working from there, so low and behold, my creativity shined when it came to Nice. The colors, the water, and the sun shined into my mind.

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Per usual, another month has flown by, but I forget how quickly February goes and now March is basically over?! I just got back from spring break, and I am not really sure how my time abroad is halfway over too. However, I am beyond excited it is getting warm in Florence, and for all our tropical travels coming up! Today's post is a collection of standout products I have not been able to go a day without, pretty much this whole semester. I love sharing in detail the things I am obsessed with/use all the time that are making positive impacts in my life, and can in yours too!

  1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bags have been all the rage for years now, yet I still did not officially grab one until before I went abroad. I just could not commit to one I wasn't crazy about. Obviously, this leopard one stole my heart. Best part? I got it off Curtsy... if you don't know what Curtsy is, it is an app where you can sell your clothes but is filled with primarily trendy and occasion organized items dominated by college girls, so things you actually want to buy. So, I got this bag for a STEAL, under $50 to be exact. It came in two days before I went abroad and I was pumped, except it is the Mac, not the Mini Mac, so it is substantially bigger, but I am not complaining. The size works so well for walking around Flo if I will be gone all day and holds plenty, without being too heavy. I use this bag basically every day and has become my literal child. Basically, you need. When you have that bag which encompasses you and goes with everything, you just feel too dang good. Also, you can get these bags at WALMART, like what, yes, please. 
  2. Personally, my skin is something I believe is worth investing in. I have had troubled skin my whole life, as I have spoken about before on here, and most of the time cheap products don't deliver when my skin needs. I have always been okay with splurging on skin products because they really do deliver better results. Back in the fall, I knew I wanted to try out Drunk Elephant, but was not sure how my skin would react, so I bought the minis from Sephora. I can honestly say, after using their Glycolic Night Serum consistently for the past few months, I see a drastic difference in my skin when I use this product versus when I don't. It has helped with my texture, my acne scars, and the overall appearance of my skin. If you have been wanting to try Drunk Elephant, I highly recommend grabbing the nighttime or daytime duos. They are only $25 and lasts a decent amount of time! I promise you won't regret trying this brand out
  3. Confession: I am a water bottle snob. In turn, I am so picky and drink an unreasonable amount of water a day. If I do not always have water with me, I will literally have a panic attack. Cue, Hydroflask! This water bottle is fantastic. It holds 40oz of water, you can get a smaller size, but for me, it is the perfect amount so I don't have to refill my bottle 25 times a day. My favorite thing: it has a straw. I am also psycho about straws. I need to bite something while I drink, which is what was annoying about my most recent water bottle, a Swell. I used to be an AVID Camelback user, I think I owned about 12. I would gnaw on that freaking straw all day, but it wasn't insulated and would leak sometimes. The Hydroflask straw is great because it is hard so I cannot physically chew through it lol, and it is thickly insulated. Downsides: it is a heavy metal water bottle, but you get used to it; it also leaks in my bag if it is not standing up straight, also annoying, but I have been trying to always keep it up in my bag. Other than this, I would recommend this water bottle to anyone, and it comes in so many diff colors (eyeing the hotttt pink). I just have the white - timeless, chic, but if they had cheetah I'd buy, in a heartbeat. 
  4. Not to be dramatic, this podcast has changed my life. I have listened to probably two episodes a day for the past few weeks. There is like 180 episodes, so I have plenty more to fill my days. I have learned SO much from this podcast. The episodes are about an hour long and feature successful blogger, The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and her entrepreneurial husband, Michael Bosstick. They typically interview highly successful people who are experts in what they do, and every podcast I have listened to is beyond inspiring. My favorite time to listen to them is in the morning getting ready or walking around because I actually want to be retaining their information. Also, a huge fan when Lauryn does solo episodes about self-care, anxiety, skincare, etc, I am utterly obsessed with her! Not to mention listening to this duo on their own is hilarious. If you need a new podcast, listen to The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast immediately, you will not regret it, but let me know if you get as addicted as me!
  5. For a while, I was an avid Fenty gloss user. I would wear it almost every day, but I wanted to switch it up, no glitter, soft pinky nude, boom... this Morphe gloss. The shade I have is Boho and is described as a dusty pink. It is such a flattering shade on and pairs well with any other lipstick underneath or on its own. Also, the formula is so comfortable and light, I find some lip glosses are so thick it is annoying to have them on my lips. Not to mention, there are so many other colors available on Ulta.com, if light nudes aren't for you! 
  6. This might be the second or third time I have mentioned these shoes on my blog. They were a splurge, but I understand why. I have never been able to wear slip-ons, I would always be shocked when people wore them, especially without socks. These shoes are perfect. The platform is the right height, they are beyond comfortable and breathable and go with every outfit! I wear them essentially every single day, unfortunately, they are getting pretty beat up and dirty, but that just shows ~character~, right? All in all, if you are looking for the perfect white shoes, look no further
Well, there ya have it. I hope you try some of these standouts in my life out and let me know if you do! Working on getting all my Spring Break posts polished, so check back here or head over to my Instagram (@just.jojo.things) to stay updated. As always, thanks for reading ♥