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about me

Welcome to my creative corner of the Internet!

I started my blog my freshman year of college, to document my travels throughout Greece and have a platform to call my own. Now, I am a senior at the University of South Carolina studying Fashion Merchandising, but pursuing all things digital and content creation.

I love sharing my outfits and my designs over on my Instagram! My Instagram page has turned into a mini portfolio, but you can check out my official portfolio here

If you have any Graphic Design or Social Media Management inquiries, please email me: tillerjoanna@gmail.com!

You can find me drinking coffee by day and wine by night, designing social media posts for the Self Made CEO Podcast & the Thick & Thin Podcast, obsessively doing my skincare routine, or attempting to find the best brunch in Columbia, SC. 

Just Jojo Things represents a combination of what makes me, me! A phrase my friends say often, I could not help but have it inspire this chapter of blogging. I hope you enjoy taking a peek inside the things that make me Jojo - whether that be through my style, designs, travels, or college experiences - and hopefully, you will gain some sort of inspiration along the way. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you stick around!    

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