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Wow, hi. I cannot even believe I am writing this post or any post for that matter! Life has been so - strange? stagnant? uneventful? these past six or so months. Graduating college during a pandemic is not ideal nor easy whatsoever. However, I have overcome the hardships, the job hunting struggles, and the fear of the unknown. 

And with all this, I am thrilled to announce - I AM MOVING TO NEW YORK CITY !!! I am shocked, excited, nervous, and hopeful. This was never "my plan", and plans are great but not practical or easy to follow, especially in a pandemic lol. I was not one of those people who was set on New York - I was actually looking at jobs everywhere! My goal at this point was to just get a job. Yet, I was picky... I knew the type of company I wanted to work for and as a designer it is important I am passionate about the work I am creating, or well, my designs would not be as great. 

This opportunity came up and I JUMPED. I knew I would be the best fit for this role and I proved myself right! Thankfully they loved me just as much as I loved them. I will be working as a Graphic Designer for an amazing fashion brand in Manhattan...like what!? I cannot believe I am even typing this, but all I have to say is: HARD WORK PAYS OFF. DREAMS CHANGE. EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

I felt so behind as my friends were getting jobs even though I have been freelancing and am constantly trying to find new ways to work, but this is my story, not theirs and vice versa. I know how hard it is to compare yourself to those around you - especially post-grad, but you have to remember everyone is on their own path going at their own pace. Your time will come, be patient, speak it into existence, and put in the work. 

If you don't already know - in August I accepted an unpaid internship after applying for a full-time job and felt... so embarrassed. I thought to myself "you're not good enough to get a full-time job", "you'll only ever be an intern", "your work is not even valued enough for you to get compensated". And I was sort of right - unpaid internships aren't the most ideal, but I learned SO much and worked for an incredible company making real change in the world. Not to mention I worked alongside some bada$$ women. But I am here to tell you to take the chance - take whatever opportunity is in front of you and run with it. You are on your own path and your own timeline! 

Go you for making it through this post. Get ready for lots of NYC content, maybe some moving vlogs, probably some restaurant reviews, and so much more! I am thrilled for this next chapter of my life - I'll be there sooner than you may think. If you have any tips, recommendations, anything, please DM me on Instagram I'd love to hear from you :) 

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