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Holiday Gift Guide for girl in her 20s, young adult gift guide, Holiday gift guide

The holidays came in HOT this year, and I am here for it. Am I the only one in dyer need of the holidays for my own mental sanity? They have been the only thing to look forward to in 2020, tbh. This gift-guide is a littleeee late, but if you know me, I'm a late gal! Every year, I do a College Girl Gift Guide, but since I am not in college anymore - Gift Guide for the 20-Something Girl seemed more appropriate. Whether you need gift ideas for yourself or are looking for someone in your life, hopefully this is helpful! Even if some are too late for Christmas, I know some of you have got to be having a birthday come up lol. 

Some of this I own and LOVE, and some are on my own personal wishlist! What was your number one item for the holidays this year? If you need any other gift ideas, DM me on Insta :)