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Photo by: Half Baked Harvest
I love cooking SO much, on just a regular day, but during quarantine I have been experimenting more than ever! Plus, if I am in the kitchen I definitely have Food Network on, so I am always getting inspo.

My all-time favorite place to get recipes from is Half Baked Harvest. I am obsessed with Tieghan, and she does daily tutorials on her Instagram stories of whatever she is making! Most of the time, she will post a recipe and then I will make it, lol, or I will scour her sight for whatever I am in the mood for.

The top recipes I have made from her (that are a fan fav with my whole fam) are:

  • Cheesy Lemon Zucchini Orzo
    • This was SO good. I was basically licking the bowl, but I am also a huge lemon gal. We are big lovers of orzo in our house and this recipe is like orzo risotto, and I was able to use coconut milk which I love! 
  • Salted Caramel Pretzel Snickerdoodles
    • I made these at Christmas and my fam still talks about them. These are probably some of the best snickerdoodles I have ever had, and I am a huge proponent for pretzels in cookies!
  • 5 Ingredient Beer Bread
    • I have made this 3 times already during quarantine and each time, it lasts maybe a day. This bread is unreal. If you make anything - MAKE THIS! It is SO EASY, seriously one bowl, no fuss, 5 ingredients. 
  • Crispy Persian Rice
    • The crispy rice is delicious, but a little too oily for my taste. I am going to try to make this again with less oil/butter and probably add Sriracha, because everything is better spicy IMO. 

One of the best parts of Tieghan's recipes is that they are easy to modify to your needs/what's in your fridge. She is always offering substitutions on Instagram right after she bakes something, which I love since I am lactose intolerant! I have her cookbook at my house in Columbia, and am itching to get back to make something from it. 

If I am not cooking something from HBH, I either make up my own recipes, or find some from Instagram/Pinterest! I have made lemon blueberry muffins, easy shakshuka (so SO tasty), kale salads, Italian margaritas, ginger soy glazed salmon, and a lot of greek potatoes. 

Every day I swear all I do is look forward to dinner... anyone else!? Currently, it is Holy Week for Orthodox Christians so we are fasting, aka no meat, and I have been getting really creative with recipes! I cannot stop thinking about the lamb on Sunday though lol. 

Let me know if y'all like this little segment and if you would like me to share more food and recipe content! Comment below your favorite meal you've made during quarantine.

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