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Quarantine has been, not that bad... it really just feels like I am home for break from school, except I am never going back to school! Crazy, right? Days are going by slow, but weeks going by fast. I cannot believe April is already half way over! I will definitely be sharing some April favorites at the end of this month, but for now, here's what's been going on during quarantine for lil' ol' me...


I feel as if I am making the most of it, what about you? Productivity has not been an issue for me, most days. I am making to-do lists every morning to keep my in-check, because not only am I doing school but I am also doing freelance work! As a creative, I have a million different thoughts running through my head, I have to make sure to write main tasks down and dissect them from there. Right before all this madness, I got the job of designing for Katy Bellotte's podcast, Thick & Thin! This podcast saved me through such tough times abroad, and it is really crazy how life comes full circle if you simply put in hard work and believe in yourself.

Reading has been a new activity for me! If you know me, I never read, but I have been reading on my iPad (yes, the ginormous iPad), which makes it easier for me. Currently I am reading The Daily Stoic and The Defining Decade. It is nice to have free moments to sit and read while collecting my thoughts, something I would have never been doing before all of this.


In terms of school, it is less daily tasks and more big tasks overtime. I have a lot of projects and exams mostly. Personally, I love online classes. Being able to go out at my own pace and do things on my own timeline is always more helpful for me, that is the independent person I am! Especially since I had most of the semester to get to know my professors and the syllabus, I haven't had too many surprises post spring break. I actually started taking online classes freshman year, when I took 2 in one semester, surprisingly enough. Since then, I have taken at least one online class each semester. However, I really miss the collaboration and interactions in my classes, and especially my professors.

It's strange knowing your life in school is over, and I most likely will not be sitting in a formal classroom anytime soon. I am actually taking this time to better myself professionally and creatively by taking courses on SkillShare and utilizing networks. As well as, taking extra steps to really invest in myself, coming soon hehe!


Surprisingly enough, I have been making workouts a priority. This is very unlike me. Usually, a 30 min walk is sufficient enough for me, but my body is craving movement constantly. I try my best to walk 2 miles every day (weather permitting) and do a MelissaWoodHealth flow or PureBarre OnDemand series. I feel so amazing after both of them, but have been especially loving MWH. Her flows keep me so grounded and are so gentle but effective on my body!

Of course my random free time is spent online shopping and for everything I have purchased recently, but stay tuned...

Thanks for reading today! I hope you are staying safe and somewhat staying sane. This is a crazy time and we need to learn how to make the most of our situation, no matter what may be going on. Although my senior year was abruptly cut, I am finding little ways to be thankful. This week I am thankful to actually be able to spend Holy Week with my family for the first time in two years, which would never be happening if it wasn't for quarantine. This time has really challenged and forced me to find the good in every day and realizing how much we have to be thankful for.

What have you been most thankful for during quarantine?

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