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Holiday Gift Guide for girl in her 20s, young adult gift guide, Holiday gift guide

The holidays came in HOT this year, and I am here for it. Am I the only one in dyer need of the holidays for my own mental sanity? They have been the only thing to look forward to in 2020, tbh. This gift-guide is a littleeee late, but if you know me, I'm a late gal! Every year, I do a College Girl Gift Guide, but since I am not in college anymore - Gift Guide for the 20-Something Girl seemed more appropriate. Whether you need gift ideas for yourself or are looking for someone in your life, hopefully this is helpful! Even if some are too late for Christmas, I know some of you have got to be having a birthday come up lol. 

Some of this I own and LOVE, and some are on my own personal wishlist! What was your number one item for the holidays this year? If you need any other gift ideas, DM me on Insta :) 




It feels so good to be blogging again! I really hope to continue throughout the rest of 2020. Especially with the holidays right around the corner, you can definitely expect my annual gift guides to make their appearance soon.  

You know, I really thought when quarantine started I wouldn't still be having weekly shopping sprees, yet here I am... Here are my most-loved purchases from October: 

Aritzia - Zip Up Cropped Hoodie, Cozy Sweat Shorts, sized up to a L for both

  • Have been LIVING in both of these pieces, extremely difficult for me to take off lol

Zara - Cozy-knit top, Iconic Leather Trousers, Cream Ruched Sweater, Basic Tee, tops: M pants: 6 (run large, sized down from 8)

  • THE trousers of the season - comfy, soft, go with everything, and I love all these staple tops

Vyvacious Fashion - Essential Tank in Chocolate

  • Somehow this one size fits all tank sucks you in, is comfortable, and so flattering

Anthropologie - Silk Mask, Pumpkin Candle 

  • Finally caved and got a silk mask to help with the acne on my chin

The Mayfair Group - Vintage Brown Crewneck

  • I reach for this every single day, it is that good, plus brown is SO in for fall and I am here for it (this was actually a present from my bf so that's fun right)
Shop Brunch Club - Zebra Sweater Dress, size M
  • Seriously could not help myself with this dress, thankfully I'm v smol so it works great as a dress on me 

October was a jam-packed month in terms of consuming content; let's get into my favorite Youtubers to watch and Netflix shows I binged: 

  • Brooke Miccio - she will always be one of my favorites, her vlogs are so relatable and great to have on while starting your day or winding down
  • Kenzie Elizabeth - another vlogger who posts videos like every day so you will always have something to watch, hers are my favorite when I need to get ish done
  • Tatiana Soash - my absolute favorite designer, I watch her videos to learn more about being a freelancer full-time
  • Natalie Barbu - recently she has posted so many honest and helpful videos about money + finances
  • Tasha Franken - my favorite workout videos, I LOVE how she has 5-7 minute workouts + ones like a lazy day workout
  • Schitt's Creek - I am LATE to the bandwagon, but wow, funniest show and David is my everything 
  • Emily in Paris - loved it, everyone was shitting on it and it was so relaxing and fun to watch, it's a SHOW you don't need to dive into every detail saying its wrong lol
  • Great British Baking Show - quite possibly my favorite show on Netflix of all time, the 8th season has been coming out each week and it is the highlight of my weeks let me tell ya 
  • The Queen's Gambit - another show that takes a little to get into, but it is addicting + so interesting! cannot get enough of it

I am constantly trying new recipes out and forcing my family to eat them, it's fun!! These were our favorite recipes from October:

Head over to my Instagram to see what I've styled this month! I tried out the subscription service Nuuly, and was not really a fan to be honest, let me know if you'd like to know more about my experience and I can do a whole post. Gift guides are coming so soon - be on the lookout for them on my Instagram stories, here on the blog, or on my Facebook page!

Thanks so much for reading, xx


The final Sephora sale of the year is HEREEE! Go ahead and send this post to your mom, grandma, sister, boyfriend, friend, yourself - whoever you want to grab you something good this year for the holidays. Plus take notes on what to gift those in your life. 

If you are a Rouge member (PROPS TO U GIRL), you can shop exclusively now through Nov. 9th with 20% - if you are a VIB member (SOMEHOW I AM THIS YEAR AND AM LIT ABOUT IT), you can start shopping on Nov. 3rd with 15% - if you are an Insider (LIKE U JUST SIGN UP AND GET TO BE ONE) you can shop the 5th-9th with 10% off

I have broken down my top picks + what I am grabbing into three different categories: skincare, makeup, + hair. All you need to do is click on the image + SHOP YOUR HEART OUTTTT! 




If you have any questions about shades I wear, how I like the products, how I apply them, etc. please don't hesitate to DM me on Instagram @joannatiller



In case you haven't heard, Sephora is having a SALE, which you know is RARE if you're an avid Sephora shopper. This is the perfect time to stock up on your favorites or indulge in some new products. Today I am sharing my recommendations for all of you and what I purchased during the sale! 

You get $15 off $75 or $20 off $100

Thanks so much for reading! Let me know what you are grabbing or if you already love some of these products. 



How the heck is it already July, basically almost August!? I cannot deny my online shopping addiction has gone rampant over the past few months. Am I the only one? Most definitely not, so I figured I would share my most recent purchases, which I will slowly be sharing on my Instagram stories as they come in! Soo happy to be back into blogging, and you can shop everything in this post through the images or by following me on the LikeToKnowIt App. 

This haul is up on my stories when this post is up! AERIE is one of my all-time favorite brands, and they always have some sort of sale/deal going on. Definitely my go-to for activewear and loungewear where you cannot beat quality for the price. 

Sizing: Medium in everything, unless it comes in length options, then I got Medium Short

I have a love-hate relationship with Revolve... everything is so expensive, but their shipping is SO FAST, like faster than Amazon sometimes. Hack: Revolve Beauty houses so many amazing brands and is the perfect option when you need something fast. I purchased my first pair of Levi's from them in the fall and fell in love, and as I have had my eye on the denim bermuda trend for while, I caved! The brand Korres, is a personal favorite, even better they are a Greek company with all products produced in Greece, which we love. I am obsessed with their overnight facial moisturizer and decided to give their day-time mattifying one a try! 

Sizing: 29 in the shorts -- hoping they are a little loose and comfortable!

One of my favorite bloggers released her collab with Tula recently and I couldn't help but support! This is a dark-circle treatment with blue-light blocking and all the GLOW, the little size makes it perfect to fit in your inner corner and the color neutralizes dark circles. 

Hack: If you are a student you can get 20% off at checkout by logging into ID.ME with your student email! 

A&F has made its COMEBACK the past few years. They have comfortable and stylish basics while still being an affordable price. They are always doing 15-20% off! My favorite every day tanks are from here, so I ordered another nude one, an adorable bikini top, and a leopard cardigan (couldn't resist). 

Sizing: Medium in everything, but sometimes it is better to SIZE UP in AF! I will update you on how everything fits. 

Back in June I ordered some new graphic tees and a cropped tank, Urban has some of the coolest and softest graphic tees! They are all mostly oversized, which is the look we all know we love the best. The moon-shine tee is one of my absolute favorites, and I am still waiting for the floral tee because it has been backordered for so long! 

Sizing: One size or S/M in tees, Medium in cropped tank

Honestly go you if you made it through this whole post! I will share photos/outfits/try-on videos of everything as it comes in on my Instagram. Let me know if you like these recent purchases posts, I would love to start making them a monthly post on the blog! 



Photo by: Half Baked Harvest
I love cooking SO much, on just a regular day, but during quarantine I have been experimenting more than ever! Plus, if I am in the kitchen I definitely have Food Network on, so I am always getting inspo.

My all-time favorite place to get recipes from is Half Baked Harvest. I am obsessed with Tieghan, and she does daily tutorials on her Instagram stories of whatever she is making! Most of the time, she will post a recipe and then I will make it, lol, or I will scour her sight for whatever I am in the mood for.

The top recipes I have made from her (that are a fan fav with my whole fam) are:

  • Cheesy Lemon Zucchini Orzo
    • This was SO good. I was basically licking the bowl, but I am also a huge lemon gal. We are big lovers of orzo in our house and this recipe is like orzo risotto, and I was able to use coconut milk which I love! 
  • Salted Caramel Pretzel Snickerdoodles
    • I made these at Christmas and my fam still talks about them. These are probably some of the best snickerdoodles I have ever had, and I am a huge proponent for pretzels in cookies!
  • 5 Ingredient Beer Bread
    • I have made this 3 times already during quarantine and each time, it lasts maybe a day. This bread is unreal. If you make anything - MAKE THIS! It is SO EASY, seriously one bowl, no fuss, 5 ingredients. 
  • Crispy Persian Rice
    • The crispy rice is delicious, but a little too oily for my taste. I am going to try to make this again with less oil/butter and probably add Sriracha, because everything is better spicy IMO. 

One of the best parts of Tieghan's recipes is that they are easy to modify to your needs/what's in your fridge. She is always offering substitutions on Instagram right after she bakes something, which I love since I am lactose intolerant! I have her cookbook at my house in Columbia, and am itching to get back to make something from it. 

If I am not cooking something from HBH, I either make up my own recipes, or find some from Instagram/Pinterest! I have made lemon blueberry muffins, easy shakshuka (so SO tasty), kale salads, Italian margaritas, ginger soy glazed salmon, and a lot of greek potatoes. 

Every day I swear all I do is look forward to dinner... anyone else!? Currently, it is Holy Week for Orthodox Christians so we are fasting, aka no meat, and I have been getting really creative with recipes! I cannot stop thinking about the lamb on Sunday though lol. 

Let me know if y'all like this little segment and if you would like me to share more food and recipe content! Comment below your favorite meal you've made during quarantine.


Quarantine has been, not that bad... it really just feels like I am home for break from school, except I am never going back to school! Crazy, right? Days are going by slow, but weeks going by fast. I cannot believe April is already half way over! I will definitely be sharing some April favorites at the end of this month, but for now, here's what's been going on during quarantine for lil' ol' me...


Ah... Who else still feels like they are trapped in an alternate universe desperately trying to find a way out? That's how I feel.

This is definitely one of the most insane times in my life, surprisingly I feel as if I've dealt with worse in terms of my personal issues and mental health, but this is affecting every single one of us. Every person on Earth is affected in some way, which blows my mind. And every single persons feelings toward this situation are valid. Some are losing loved ones, some are losing jobs, and others are losing experiences.

This time has caused so much anxiety and heartbreak in my life. The unexpected has occurred and I emotionally did not know how to handle how I was feeling. I think we are all aware now that most of us are grieving, and personally, I have never grieved before. I am grieving the opportunity I prayed for years for and earned after college being cancelled. Me and every other college senior got their senior year taken from them with no questions asked. It is a strange feeling, and for a while I did not let myself be sad, but it is heartbreaking. None of us could have never imagined any of this...

I didn't get to attend my senior year formal, the spring tailgate, receive my senior superlative, celebrate accomplishments with my closest friends, have one last night singing Sweet Caroline (that we definitely wouldn't remember), late night cookout run, my final times in a classroom, one last meal in the sorority house, or visit my freshman dorm.

It may seem like nothing, but we don't get those final memories. The final memories with friends we may not see anytime soon, which is difficult to accept and understand. We are left with no closure, and constant wonder.

But now, all we have is memories. Memories to reflect on, to cherish, to share. And all we have is hope. Hope this will all end soon, and hope we will fill those voids eventually.

So, if you are a college senior, let's blast Closer by The Chainsmokers and look back on Freshman year, then Sophomore, then Junior, then Senior year...

I promise it will bring you joy during this tough time.

PS: I am going to write a whole reflection on my Carolina experience soon. ♥


What better time than now to binge Netflix? I wanted to share my all-time favorite Netflix shows. Like everyone, we have a little extra time on our hands and the urge to watch new shows. So, whether you want a fun, witty short series or a day long binge, here are my recs!

Let me know if any of these are your favorites, and if not, what yours are! Thanks for stopping by. 


This post has been a long time coming! Ever since I finished up my semester abroad living in Florence, Italy, I knew I wanted to share all my favorite and top eats, shopping, and travel tips. If you are heading to Florence soon, this post is absolutely for you!

It is not secret Italy is known for some amazing food, Florence specifically. Between paninis, pizza, pasta, steak and even brunch... Florence really has everything. Thankfully, there was not too much food you would miss (besides Chick-Fil-A).

For reference, I lived in the Santa Croce neighborhood of Florence and was about a 10-minute walk from the Duomo and 5 from Pitti Palace! The majority of these places were relatively near my area/close to the Duomo or river.

  • Rooster Cafe: Super trendy and cute, they have unreal pancakes and their chicken and waffles is to die for! So so good and perfect to satisfy fried chicken cravings! Always has a long wait on the weekends, so be aware. 
  • La Vespe: Best brunch hands down!! So so delicious, real bacon (biiiiiig plus for me), good portion sizes and a lot of options! It is the most American like brunch you will find, but definitely still super European. My friends loved the King, their breakfast burrito, and I loved their classic breakfast. They also have great vegan options and fantastic coffee! 
  • Ditta Artignale: Probably my favorite place in Flo -- the absolute best coffee, but they also have such delicious food. My favorite coffee from them was the latte macchiato with oat milk, perfect flavor and I didn't even need any sweetener, their coffee is that good. You really cannot go wrong with anything there. They have breakfast and lunch -- the crust avocado was my fav!! Also, perfect for sitting and doing work all day.
  • Green Street Bar: Bar at night, but iced coffee and bagel place during the day. My roommate would go there all the time for iced coffee! More traditional, they have regular flavors you can add. You can also get a traditional bagel with cream cheese or bacon, egg, and cheese! 
  • La Milkeria: Crepe heaven, but they also have fantastic waffles/pancakes and their own gelato. Really great lattes, another place with flavoring that is actually good! Not the best to sit and do work since it is small and their WIFI never worked for us. 
  • Any bakery/cafe: If you are okay with just pastries or simple cappuccinos! There is one on every corner. Since I am lactose intolerant I preferred going to actual coffee shops for more milk options! 

  • Oil Shoppe: They have SO MANY options! 50 something sandwiches, but you also can make your own combination. As well as build your own salad, house-made chips, and really good iced coffee. This place is right across from the Rooster Cafe. It was a personal favorite I found too late in the semester, but once I started going I could not stop! I really love all the customizations they offer. 
  • Pinos: A CLASSIC! Pino is the sweetest man ever, become friends with him. You will be greeted with a smile and love every time you walk in! Great classic panini combinations, not as much customization. They also have a lot of freshly made pasta and other baked foods you can take to go or sit and eat there! 
  • Panini Toscana: This place is right by the duomo, it is a small little place, but it is SIMPLE AND DELICIOUS. Right when you walk in, you can try meat and cheese for free (every time you go in might I add), you then pick which of those options you want on your panino, pick your bread and then pick from their small but tasty selection of toppings. A true experience and the location is convenient! 
  • Sandwichchic: A lot of people raved about this place! I had never personally been, it was far from my apartment/classes, but my roommate went all the time and loved it! 
  • Shake Cafe: I went here probably more than I needed to because it is a little pricier, but basically like a vegan/healthy cafe. They have great smoothies, coffee, and acai bowls, as well as build your own bowl/salad! Really great option when you are craving greens and fresh food. 
  • Tamarindo Juicery: Ugh this place. I love it so much, their juices and smoothies are so good. You also can buy fresh fruit, random healthy things, and ALMOND BUTTER. They have freshly made almond and peanut butter, which was a lifesaver. They have toasts, bowls, soups, etc. Such great and tasty healthy options, also a good amount of room to sit and do work! 

  • Pizza Napoli: Hands down the best pizza in Florence! Simple and delicious, the pesto was my favorite. The guys who work there are such fun and if you're a girl your pizza is always made in a heart, it is super cute and I am convinced makes it taste better. We all thought it was way better than Gusta Pizza! 
  • Yellow Bar: You can watch them make their fresh homemade pasta, they have a lot of whole wheat pasta which is excellent. Whichever fresh pasta with the spicy sauce was amazing! This is a great place to go with a group, but warning I got seafood once it made sick so just stick to the regular pasta lol. 
  • Osteria Santo Spirito: I could not get enough of this place!! Thankfully, my best friends lived right above it so we had an excuse to go a lot. They are known for their  TRUFFLE GNOCCHI. To die for. But, you HAVE to try to beef stew, so so delicious it is unreal. Plus, free bread with the best olive tapenade I have ever had. The best part is you can get half portions of everything!! Make a reservation for sure. 
  • Aqua al 2: When you are tired of pasta and pizza and want to treat yourself, go here. Get the steak sampler. It is not really worth the price of getting something other than steak. I loved both the blueberry and balsamic, absolutely outstanding. Definitely pricey, and definitely make a reservation!! 
  • Dantes: Ah, this place. Food is average for sure, BUT there is unlimited wine, so it all balances out. Great place to pregame and have dinner with friends!! 
  • Trattoria Za Za's: They have the biggest menu ever, and everything is surprisingly good. This place is HUGE so it is great for groups! I loved anything wild boar or truffle or pesto from here! You really cannot go wrong. 
  • Da Que' Ganzi Trattoria Osteria: The best restaurant in Florence, no questions!! We stumbled in here because it was right by our apartment. MY LAST MEAL IN FLO! The lamb pasta is OUTSTANDING. The pumpkin soup is EVERYTHING. The pistachio creme brulee... just omg. Everything is amazing, the wine is amazing, the people are so nice. I cannot say enough about how great this place is! 
  • La Giostra: I wouldn't say its an absolute must, it is def expensive, but really delicious meal, go with your parents if they want somewhere boujee. Elton John ate here while we were abroad, it is popular for celebrities, but not an absolute must if you are only visiting Flo. 
  • Foody Farm: I was a huge fan of this place. It just has GOOD FOOD. It is all fresh, and super delicious. It reminds me of upscale bar food here in the US, yet it is all really affordable. Everything on the menu was delicious!

  • La Carraria: We went here every single day, thankfully it was right by our apartment, the man is so nice who works there. But y'all this gelato is SO CHEAP and SO DELICIOUS. You can get gelato for a euro. You have to get the caramletto, and the pistachio creme flavors!!
  • Eduardos: I have a soft spot for this place. They have really good healthier options, a lot of vegan/dairy-free options which I loved and such unique flavors. Their walnut and fig flavor is delicious! Plus, their homemade cones are EVERYTHING, so so good.  
  • Don Ninos: Right next to the duomo, so it is very pricey, but their cannoli gelato is unreal and so worth it. Absolutely delicious! Their cannolis are eh, and definitely not an everyday kind of gelato because it is like $6 lol.
  • La Strega: On the other side of the river kind of hidden, but probably my favorite gelato in Flo. Their flavors are unique, bold, and I love it. I was obsessed with the spicy chocolate and Mexican cinnamon!! My roommate loved their Nutella one and it had Ferrero Rochers inside! 
As always, thank you for reading and follow me on Instagram! DM with any other Florence recs.


We say this every month, but really... where the heck did January go!? With heading back to school and finally getting into a routine, the time has really been flying by, but hey, at least I've been having fun so far.

Between Christmas and other discoveries over the past month, I couldn't help but share some favorites! Everything is linked below, as well as the YouTube video where I go into depth about why I'm really loving everything.

Have the best rest of the month! What have you been loving recently?


It's the summer of 2016, you just graduated high school and have no clue how the next four years, let alone the next four months will change your life forever.

So, you're headed to this place called Ionian Village. You've heard the hype, their supposed "this is going to be the best summer of your life" claim, but you aren't buying it. You think you have your Orthodox faith figured out, years of Sunday School and metropolis church camp, you are basically a veteran. How different could Ionian Village really be?

You have been complaining because you don't want to give up your phone for three weeks... those poor poor Snapchat streaks and don't even get me started on missing out on almost a whole month of Instagram.

Little do you know the life-changing adventure you are about to embark on... 

It is your first time in Greece, and you are going without your parents? Kind of like the one time when your mom was sent to the xorio to stay with her YiaYia for the summer, right? Lucky for you, you have quite a few familiar faces at camp, so you aren't too worried.

When you get there, it is SO LOUD. Whistles, screaming, banging, jumping, and you hate all of it, obviously. How could this be anyone's idea of fun?

While only the next day, you are the one screaming in excitement banging on the tables. Funny how much can change in one day, huh? Let alone, three weeks.

The first night you gain bonds unimaginable. These girls are going to be your family for the next three weeks. The following days you rekindle old friendships and form unbreakable new ones.

You will be exhausted. You will be hot (it is summer in Greece after all). You will be forced to play games you may not think you want to play or have to drink decaf frappes (blasphemy, I know), but the thing is... you will love every second of it.

Eventually, you will get tired of having to listen to your counselors all the time. The same counselors who were there for you to cry with, laugh with, support you, and encourage you. The same counselors who will become some of the greatest mentors you never knew you needed. The same counselors who guided you and everyone else in your cabin to be unapologetically themselves.

There is so much more to Greece than what you thought. Visiting some of the most beautiful monasteries and witnessing the Lord's miracles are priceless. You will gain a special bond with places and Saints to have with you forever.

These places will push your faith. I bet you never thought you would be crawling into a hole too small to seem possible, crying out of fear and amazement. Letting the Lord show you the impossible is possible if you just believe.

You may have thought you had your faith figured out, but were you living through it every day? Were you always believing? Ionian Village showed you how to live through your faith each and every moment. To be able to communicate your faith to others with no device, no barriers. To connect with one another through your faith and your hardships.

Through faith, you gained some of the best relationships you will ever cultivate. This faith will help guide you into the next scary four years of college.

Three weeks will fly by... you've only called your parents twice to let them know how much you don't want to leave, you have no voice, you have 20+ new best friends dancing your hearts out on the final night in Athens. The girl who never cries bawled her eyes out thinking about having to leave the people who gave her so much.

You had the best summer of your life. 

Little do you know, your freshman room decor would solely be IV photos. The highlight of your freshman year is heading to Nashville for your reunion. You would make your own reunions the following year.

Little do you know, you would be hoping to end college the same way you started it. At Ionian Village. But this time, trying to help teenagers find themselves and their faith just like you found yours.

Meet me at the chapel. #PICKMEFORIV2020


Happy New Year everyone! I created some fun new year's inspired wallpapers for your iPhone. Feel free to hold the image down and save it, and if you share it with others please give me credit!

If you like these wallpapers and would want others throughout the year, DM me on Instagram or comment down below! Thanks so much for your support.


I have never been great at keeping, let alone making goals. Since working for the Self-Made CEO Podcast, my mind has been emersed into goal setting tactics and success stories, which has definitely pushed me to switch focus. With that said! I do want to set goals for myself this year, 2020 is a huge year simply in terms of where my life is headed.

Here are 20 goals and intentions I hope to accomplish within and by the end of 2020...
  1. Move to a new city!
  2. Stop worrying about my number of followers on Instagram, and focus on growing my other platforms.
  3. Every time I purchase a new clothing item, I get rid of one I own.
  4. Receive my first official Graphic Design client.
  5. Make consistent YouTube videos.
  6. Serve and give back to my Greek Orthodox Community.
  7. Do a skincare routine every morning and evening
  8. Move at least 30 mins each day.
  9. Fill my days with more abundance and less sacrifice
  10. Strengthen my hand-lettering skills.
  11. Eat at least one plant-based meal a day.
  12. Make coffee at home almost every day. 
  13. Spend my money with a long-term mindset, instead of a short-term. 
  14. Graduate from college with honors.
  15. Spend meaningful time with my college friends. 
  16. Travel with my boyfriend. 
  17. Focus on my mental health
  18. Push myself to accomplish more and more.
  19. Create at least one new thing every day.
  20. Get a real job hopefully in the creative/fashion field! 
I am beyond ready for 2020. I also got the coin in our Vasilopita, which if you are Greek you KNOW, but if not it means I received good luck for the year! I have a feeling it is going to be a good one. 

This list is not set in stone, as I imagine I could drastically change at any point in the year, but this will help me as a reference to stay accountable! What are some of your goals for this new decade? Comment down below! 

I hope everyone has a fabulous new year, cheers!