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october favs

October is always one of my favorite months. There is SO much going on - football games, fall break, cooler weather (sort of, it is still 80 degrees some days in Columbia lol), pumpkin everything, and so much more. I always love reading favorites posts and couldn't help but make my own!

STYLE // I have been wearing my Adidas Falcon Sneakers non-stop (currently on sale). They go with everything and are so so comfortable. I love the edgy-chic look they add to every look! S/O Jake for a good af bday present lol. What else have I been wearing every day? Crewnecks. Ground-breaking, I know! Cooler weather is here which means it is acceptable to wear a sweatshirt every day, right? They are essential and quick to throw on, not to mention cozy as heck. I am really loving the Aerie ones and this hot pink one from Bershka I picked up for my Halloween costume.

BEAUTY // I am going to share a current makeup and skincare routine soon, but I have to tell y'all about two beauty staples recently! First up is the SuperGoop line. SuperGoop is Goop brand's sun protection products, they seriously make adding sunscreen to your daily routine super simple and seamless. I am especially obsessed with the Unseen Sunscreen and SPF Setting Mist! The sunscreen itself blurs your skin and feels so so good, the mist is SO efficient and too easy to not use every day. For makeup, the Kylie Cosmetics birthday palette from this past August is AMAZING! It is super intimidating because of the bright greens and you may think pink is hard to work with, but this palette has helped me create some of the prettiest looks. I have been using this palette non-stop and even used it for my 21st Birthday Look!

PODCASTS // I don't even really listen to music anymore... podcasts or bust! But for real, I have become addicted to always learning and we have all this incredible, free, content right at our fingertips. My OG favorite is the Skinny Confidential, it just keeps getting better and better. Recently, I have been listening to The Self-Made CEO, which is focused on giving you tactical tips and motivation on how to become the CEO of your own life in every way possible, it is killer! Another new favorite is Bitch Work, which focuses on unique jobs in specialized industries and how these girls got there. I really love Bitch Work because all the women being interviewed are pretty fresh out of college and in their young-mid 20s, making it super easy to relate to at my current stage in life.

EATS // This past month I was super on the go making it a lot harder for me to eat at home for every meal. GoMacro Bars and Smart Sweets have been lifesavers! I have never liked bars, especially if they are crunchy and have a lot of stuff in them, which is why GoMaro Bars are IT. They are soft, chewy in a good way, and give you so much energy. My favorite flavor is the almond butter, coconut, chocolate chip. Smart Sweets are essentially super healthy gummy bears. They have only 3g of sugar and 20g of fiber... like what!? These will keep you full for a while, perfect for when you don't have time to get food. I especially love the sour ones, they are so addicting! In terms of Columbia, my favorite place to grab food this month has been Tasty As Fit! This place is a godsend. Everything is so delicious and all you do is run in and grab the premade soup, salad, or little snack bites from the fridge. This is also my go-to smoothie place right now. One of Cola's hidden gems and so so good!

Thanks for reading, y'all! More posts coming your way. If you would like to see anything specific on the blog DM me on Instagram! Comment your favorite part of today's post too.

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