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Let me tell you, it feels SO good to be back shooting and planning content. For a while, I have been uninspired, lost, and unsure of what to be creating for my blog. My senior year is in fulllll swing, aka job hunting szn, portfolio building, and a bunch of lasts...

One trend I have been loving and wearing non-stop is "nicer" sneakers, ya know not the ones you run in with major support, but the comfy enough to walk all day, while still looking cute AF. Sneakers and skirts/dresses/anything that is not shorts and a t-shirt, basically, is my new obsession. I love the street style trends that have inched their way into streamline everyday fashion!

These sneakers deserved to shine. They are super special to me - we were in Pairs, we walked into this vintage shop my friend studying there was obsessed with (I soon realized why), and these just stood out. My friend grabbed them first and discovered they were way too small for her, but not for me! These neon purple/pink whatever you want to call them, Nike Air Force 1s fit me perfectly and I have never seen anything like them! I really wanted the shoes to be the star in this look.

A shade of purple as unique as this one was calling to be worn with black and silver. This mini satin-esque black dress is from Zara and can be so many different ways. I love it with this custom made belt I got, surprise in Italy, accentuating my waist. Chunky silver hoops, simple silver choker, you know the drill.

For when you still want to be kind of casual: cropped hoodie and skirt. I have this new found love for Aerie hoodies and crewnecks... beyond shook it has taken me this long to figure out how amazing they are. Such great quality and so freaking comfortable! I especially love this black cropped hoodie because it can be worn so many ways. Like with this leopard denim skirt, to bring out the edgy side of yourself. This skirt is old from Dress Up, but I linked other leopard skirts I am a fan of!

I paired this look with some of my all-time favorite sneakers - these black leather high tops with a sort of Golden Goose feel, but half the price. I got them at a shoe store in Italy, so their quality is unreal. The leopard star on the side really spoke to me, so you know I had to get them. Can you pair two different leopard styles together? Why the heck not! They compliment each other well and since it is on the shoes, it is far enough away to not ruin the look. Gold accessories tied this look together to compliment the hardware on both the skirt and the shoes.

One of my favorite looks, ever. I think it is because this look just made me feel so confident and feel so good in my own skin. I have been loving neutral looks with bold pops of color! This pink skirt is so comfortable, honestly, I get like cool hot tennis mom vibes from this outfit and I am into it? These chunky white sneakers were Jake's birthday gift to me, which I am obsessedddd with. They go with everything and really elevate your look.

These sneakers have been my go-to with every dress or girlier outfit. This white crop top from Aritzia is such good quality - thick and actually molds to your body. Oh and this jacket... I know. Probably one of my favorite purchases, from my hundred trips to Zara abroad. It goes with literally everything and is a nice oversized boyfriend fit, which we love. The snakeskin jacket ties the look together in my opinion. The sneakers match but aren't the center of attention in this look, since I really wanted the skirt to be the star!


Which look was your favorite? Let me know how you liked this post and if you'd want to see more style "how to's" in the future! As always, thanks for reading.

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