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THURSDAY THOUGHTS: shifting your mindset

My first Thursday Thoughts post! I have wanted to start this little series for a while now, and I am so excited for this first one. I think it is no secret I have a history of being a quite negative-minded, pessimistic person. Maybe this is the problem spotter in me - always finding something to be improved, a hole in a system, or a more efficient way. I have tried to be persistent on "fixing" this about myself, although it is not always a bad thing, but cannot quite figure it out. I basically want to have more control over my feelings and my outlook on each individual situation at hand. Some may call it seeking the good.

It can be very difficult to spark interest or happiness when your mind is filled with negative thoughts, and I have learned this the hard way. For instance, with my blog, I stop myself so often from writing a post because all I can think about is who will not enjoy it, instead of telling myself people are excited to read my blog or see a new outfit from me. Although, these thoughts could be holding you back in any aspect of your life. Relationships, work, self-improvement, and more.

Something that really sparked this in me was this summer when I worked at Dress Up. One day, I did not want to go to work at all. I was so miserable and tired, but then I took a step back and thought to myself... I reminded myself that I have wanted to work at this store for SO long, literally since I was a freshman in high school. So, why am I dreading it SO much!?

I have a feeling a lot of people are like this. You work at the job you have literally dreamed of or had been looking forward to for so long. Or maybe, you are on a vacation to your dream destination, shit goes wrong, and all you want is to go home.

But you have to take the outside perspective and shift your mindset. 

Instead of thinking... I am so exhausted and dreading work today → I get to work at the job I dreamed of and I am ready to see where the day takes me.

For me, that day was one of my favorite days at work, and I could have walked in with such a negative mind and wishing to be elsewhere. But I lived in the moment and remembered myself when I was beyond excited to start working there.

You constantly want to be thinking about your past self, and how proud they would be if they saw you now, and reflect on all your hard work up until this point.  For me, my little high school self obsessed with Dress Up only ever dreamed of being able to give back to the company one day.

I am here to tell you if I can do this, you can do this, trust me. I have simply come to the realization of when I am constantly putting myself and others down, it is doing no one any good. Take a moment to confront your negative thoughts and find ways to turn them around.

Recently, I have become aware of what you put out is what you will get back, this is sort of stemming from the concept of manifestation. Manifestation has been on mind primarily because of my new role as a social media manager for the podcast, The Self-Made CEO (which you should DEFINITELY check out asap). I create posts and run the social media which forces me to really dive into each episode aired, whether that is how to set goals, how to manifest anything or taking a leap of faith in yourself.

When you are constantly grateful for things in your life and what you are able to do, more of that will come into your life. So, ask yourself if you would want to start shifting your mindset and attracting great things, or pushing the great away and staying negative.

Let me know what y'all think of this new little series! I have wanted to get more personal for a while on the blog, and am excited about feedback. As always, thanks for reading!


Let me tell you, it feels SO good to be back shooting and planning content. For a while, I have been uninspired, lost, and unsure of what to be creating for my blog. My senior year is in fulllll swing, aka job hunting szn, portfolio building, and a bunch of lasts...

One trend I have been loving and wearing non-stop is "nicer" sneakers, ya know not the ones you run in with major support, but the comfy enough to walk all day, while still looking cute AF. Sneakers and skirts/dresses/anything that is not shorts and a t-shirt, basically, is my new obsession. I love the street style trends that have inched their way into streamline everyday fashion!