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After my semester abroad, it is so nice to be home and back on a steady-ish routine. I am working almost every day of the week and love it! I cannot believe we are already half-way through July and I head back to USC in less than a month. Wondering what exactly I have been up to this summer? Keep reading to hear all the specifics! ✩

If you know me or have known me for a while now, you would know I am obsessed with Dress Up. It has been my go-to store since high school. Everyone has one of those - that trusted store, whenever you need something you head there and 9/10 you find what you need. That is Dress Up for me, 70% of my closet is from there too, but it's dangerous because they get new arrivals every week. I am beyond excited to be a Summer Intern at Dress Up and to continue interning here throughout the school year!

Anyways, while abroad, trying to find an internship was SO STRESSFUL. I was freaking out that I wouldn't even be able to find one. I had been planning on applying for the Dress Up Internship, but they hire a lot later than other companies so it was one of my last hopes, and I got it! My interview was at 9pm at night while I was visiting Amsterdam with my sister, but I made it work. I remember walking up the stairs (the dreadful stairs in Florence) to my friend's apartment when I got the email and I was ecstatic! I loved the girls that interviewed me and I felt super comfortable, which is so important when interviewing for a job or internship. If you can't see yourself at the company then what's the point?

My favorite part: they basically curated my internship about me and what I wanted more experience on and my skillset. My official title is a Digital Marketing Intern and I am under the Digital Marketing Assistant of Dress Up - she oversees all sorts of digital marketing, social, emails, ads, etc. You get the gist. Part of what I do is social media - managing the account, answering DMs, answering comments. This is probably my least favorite part of my internship, nothing wrong with it, I just thrive when I am creating. I have realized, thanks to the DU Marketing team, creating and designing pushes this fire out of me and I love it. All the other things I do is assist the Graphic Designer with email designs, event ads, all sorts of things - basically whatever she needs help with I got her.

The main sector of my internship is Dress Up's Blog! It was so cool they basically are letting me take free reign of this. My supervisor always tells me to just go with whatever I am thinking and it really helps my creativity soar. I love styling outfits and highlighting products, so this is perfect for me. I also get to design each blog post cover art myself. Not many people can say they have a tangible part of a website that's yours and your name is right there on the website! I love doing the blog and I have had so much fun with it. Definitely check it out - I put out about 1-2 posts a week and am so proud of what I have been creating! Way more than I put out here, it is fine. I am working on it!

OUTFIT DETAILS // bodysuit - pants - mules - necklace - earrings

I am so grateful for the trust and responsibility Dress Up has put on me and how they have let me push my creativity out of the box and super far in it, teaching me to be elastic in my workspace and broadening my skills and portfolio. I have found I really enjoy working in a smaller company, I mean within my first month I was able to meet personally or at least speak to every single person in the company without it being strange or prohibited. This is how my internship last summer was too - I feel like I learn so much more one on one and am able to chime in wherever I see fit, and they will actually listen to your ideas and sometimes carry them through. It is so rewarding to see a project be carried out and succeed.

I have found it so inspiring and enjoyable to work under these talented and driven young women! The ladies I work the closest with are young and starting off in this whole job thing too and are all so helpful as resources for me as I am going into my final year of college (WHAT). Plus, it doesn't hurt that everyone here knows and appreciates dressing cute and pushing the edges in terms of work-wear! I love how I was able to throw on a black cardigan with a bodysuit and my favorite trousers for a flattering, yet appropriate work outfit, while being able to stay true to my personal style. Head to my Instagram, @just.jojo.things, to find out more on why I love this outfit!

As always thank you for reading and let me know if you like these more detailed posts about the day to day of Just Jojo Things! So excited for some more posts coming soon and cannot wait for y'all to read them.

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  1. Absolutely love this outfit! That bodysuit and those pants are amazing!