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Hellooooo... from AMERICA! I am home safe and sound from my European adventure and finally starting to get my life in order. My last month abroad was amazing and I tried to live in the moment as much as I could, hence why I am just now getting all my final travels on the blog. One of my bucket list experiences was checked off this semester: spending Pascha (Easter) in Greece! Any Greek knows this is something you must do in your life and I am so blessed to have experienced it at such a young age and is truly my most special memory from abroad. ✴✴✴

I knew I wanted to go to an island I had not been to before, so we headed to Naxos, an island next to Paros, where I went last summer, and south of Mykonos! Relaxation and beauty were key when deciding on an island, and Naxos delivered flawlessly. We stayed at the incredible Illiada Villas tucked away on the island; if you are ever going to Naxos, I HIGHLY recommend staying here - the hospitality and views are unmatched.

Agios Prokopios (which means Saint Prokopios) beach was only a nice 10-minute walk away from our villa. There was hardly anyone there which made it so much better for us - we were able to take as many photos as we pleased (lol girls at the beach, what can I say), stuff our faces with Doritos, and jam to our own music. Pro tip: try to travel to Greece in the off-season, it is still fabulous weather, but WAY fewer people, which leads to a more enjoyable experience in my opinion. It was still very hot, but the water was freezing so I stayed away. I had no issues being in the sun after spending so much time in cooler Florence and the rest of Europe!

My bathing suits are all from TopShop! You can shop them directly by using the widget below. Such high quality at an affordable price. I have not been able to stop wearing them since I got them!

This was one of my favorite trips, obviously, but really, the relaxation was so needed. Not to mention, the hot tub on OUR BALCONY, yeah, it was as great as you are imagining it was.

Each evening we would go into town to get dinner, seafood, and lamb galore, and wandered throughout the little shops. I always get sandals when I go to Greece, but did not have as much time this trip to sit and decide, so next time I will get another pair lol. Most of my outfits are from Brandy Melville! One of my favorite places to shop while in Florence - the silk top, white wrap top, and leopard midi skirt are all from there. My jeans are from Dress Up and the leopard silk belt is from Zara. Style tip: I put on a normal belt and looped this little neck scarf through the belt buckle and the loops in my jeans, it looks too stinking cute and stayed on all night!

I have finally unpacked from abroad, aka making this whole being back home thing feel way more real. But it feels so good to be getting back into my blogging groove and creating again! Hopefully, this post or my blog, in general, lol, inspire you to take a trip to Greece. Stay tuned for more fun posts this summer and let me know if you want any other recaps of my travels from Europe! As always, thanks for reading and supporting JustJojoThings. ✨

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