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We somehow saw all we needed to see in Rome in a day, a breathtaking (in regards to Roman beauty and our physical bodies) day that's for sure. After taking Latin for three years in high school, I have always wanted to get to Rome - it's more fun when you have a base knowledge of all the history! Rome is much larger than Florence and wayyyy more touristy. We did not think there would be that many since Florence is calmer in regards to tourists right now. Overall, I definitely enjoyed Rome more than I was expecting to, but do not particularly need to head back any time soon.

We spent the most time at the Colosseum and crossed one of the seven wonders of the world off our list! I highly recommend purchasing any sort of ticket you would need for Roman sites (Colosseum, Vatican, etc) online ahead of time; it saved us so much time and avoided unnecessary lines. If you can't already tell, I was obsessed with the Arch of Constantine! It photographed so beautifully, I couldn't help it. From there, we walked to the Trevi Fountain and Spanish Steps to fully immerse ourselves in the Lizzie McGuire moments. These two spots were the most stressful and crowded. Also, don't sit on the edge of the fountain unless you too want your butt to be soaked, learned this the hard way! Since we were staying near Vatican City, we spent the second part of our day over there. I did not realize how long it would take to get through the entire Vatican museum, it was almost never ending lol, but definitely an incredible sight to take in.

I am obsessed with my outfit in Rome and am so glad I was finally able to capture some of the pieces I have purchased since being abroad. This teddy leopard coat... only €9, YEP. I paired it with a simple graphic tee, the comfiest jeans accompanied by a silk scarf around my waist, and my trusty white slip ons. Simple gold accessories and my favorite sunglasses top off the look perfectly. I have similar items from my outfit linked below, which you can shop directly by clicking on the picture!♥

I love how affordable and easy it is to explore Italy from city to city, and it is way less exhausting than dealing with airports late at night or early morning. Plus you don't have to switch languages, when we went to Barcelona I kept finding myself trying to speak Italian lol.

More weekend travel posts are coming your way, I am so excited to be sharing the memories created and sights seen on these trips. My semester is fully booked and cannot believe February is already almost over! As always, thanks for reading. ♥

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