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This past weekend was a freaking dream. Switzerland was not on the top of my list in terms of traveling, but it was on the top of Natalie's list, so we booked it! I have never seen that much snow in my life, and apparently, there was hardly any there since it has been so warm! I still was beyond giddy touching and walking in the snow. We could have not picked a better time to go, the beauty there is unreal! The entire time it felt like I was walking through a Hallmark movie and living in a postcard.

We went through a travel company called Bus2Alps, so we took a bus overnight on Thursday and arrived in Interlaken around 5am. Friday morning, we paraglided! I was absolutely terrified... heights are not my thing, especially not running off a mountain, but oh my goodness it was SO much fun. Cue being spontaneous abroad!

We stayed in Interlaken the whole trip, but definitely did our fair share of exploring. We took a train to a nearby skiing town, Murren, and took a gondola up to the town itself (which I did not know was not the same as a Gondola in Venice lol). The journey was gorgeous, riding through the snow-covered, crystal white Swiss Alps, like c'mon!

On Saturday, all my friends were skiing, so I had almost an entire day to myself. I took a Swiss chocolate making class at the Funky Chocolate Club (a famous chocolate place in Interlaken). It was SO much fun, I learned so much, and I got to take back three full-size chocolate bars, which I made entirely myself! I highly recommend doing this if you are in Interlaken and need an extra activity. I think I went back to this place likeeee three more times after though (whoops)! The strawberries were to die for. You can also send Swiss chocolate home to the states! I sent my mom some for her birthday, and it was not too expensive. Later this day, I ventured to Lake Brienz which was only a (beautiful) 15-minute walk from our hostel. By the way, we stayed at the Youth Hostel and it was SO nice and a great location, highly recommend!

Our last day we were not departing until 3pm, so we had time to go to Lake Brienz (a second time for me, but totally worth it). These views were truly breathtaking, and this is where people think you are sitting in front of a green screen! The water was also stunning, and I still found it so cool to see so many mountains.

Switzerland has been one of my favorite places I have ever been, yep... pretty close up there with Greece. If you have the chance to go, DO IT! I cannot believe I was almost not going to go at all while being abroad, and it turned out to be an incredible, unforgettable trip. Hope you enjoyed reading and seeing a glimpse into this dream of a weekend. Next stop: Milan for Fashion Week!

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