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I have officially been living in Florence, Italy for about three weeks now! What a time it has been. Florence is beautiful - everything here is art. It is definitely different than I expected. It seems as if there are no laws, especially when driving, so you always have to be on your toes when walking. Speaking of walking, I have been walking about 4-7 miles every day! I knew Florence was a walking city, but it has been more than I expected. You do not realize how much you walked until the end of the day - my apple watch is not used to me exceeding all of my fitness goals lol. I guess it makes sense, you need something balance allllll the carbs!

It is taking a lot of getting used to how ancient it is here. Everything is old, old, old. Also, there are like no trees anywhere... It is very different than home and very different than other places in Europe too. Our apartment has taken getting used to - heat only at certain times of the day, a tiny kitchen with no oven, an uncomfortable twin bed, but hey, it is all apart of the experience. Studying abroad is not as luxurious as it may seem!

I feel as if every day I find somewhere new in Florence that is "amazing". We think we have found our favorite panini place, that lets you try each cheese and meat every time you go in. I never realized how big paninis and sandwiches are here, you can find them everywhere! Currently, I am sitting at my new favorite coffee shop that has brunch, big win over here! Pretty sure I have consumed more pasta and pizza being here than I have in the past 5 years... but it is all really good. I have only had maybe two dishes here where I was not a fan, but it is all about trial and error in a new city. Since I am lactose intolerant, I have not enjoyed as much gelato as I wish I could, but my favorite has been Cannoli flavor. And of course, the vino! You can tell the difference between cheap wine and more expensive, but the cheap wine is still so good and it is so hard to beat the price.

Spanx faux leather leggings and my Vince white leather slip-ons have been on repeat!

Ah, the shopping... the stores are so cool, and a lot more affordable than I was expecting, that is if you stay away from the massive designer stores lol. Everywhere is required to have a sale in Jan/Feb, so I have done most of my shopping now, as opposed to later. My favorites have been Zara, H&M, and Subdued. Thankfully, my sister is coming to visit in April and can help me bring some stuff home hopefully!

Lots of weekend travel in the very near future, so keep checking the blog for recaps and recommendations! Here's to exploring Florence more and more... ✳

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  1. Amazing! So jealous you're over there living it up and loving your photos!