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This past weekend was a freaking dream. Switzerland was not on the top of my list in terms of traveling, but it was on the top of Natalie's list, so we booked it! I have never seen that much snow in my life, and apparently, there was hardly any there since it has been so warm! I still was beyond giddy touching and walking in the snow. We could have not picked a better time to go, the beauty there is unreal! The entire time it felt like I was walking through a Hallmark movie and living in a postcard.


We somehow saw all we needed to see in Rome in a day, a breathtaking (in regards to Roman beauty and our physical bodies) day that's for sure. After taking Latin for three years in high school, I have always wanted to get to Rome - it's more fun when you have a base knowledge of all the history! Rome is much larger than Florence and wayyyy more touristy. We did not think there would be that many since Florence is calmer in regards to tourists right now. Overall, I definitely enjoyed Rome more than I was expecting to, but do not particularly need to head back any time soon.


I have officially been living in Florence, Italy for about three weeks now! What a time it has been. Florence is beautiful - everything here is art. It is definitely different than I expected. It seems as if there are no laws, especially when driving, so you always have to be on your toes when walking. Speaking of walking, I have been walking about 4-7 miles every day! I knew Florence was a walking city, but it has been more than I expected. You do not realize how much you walked until the end of the day - my apple watch is not used to me exceeding all of my fitness goals lol. I guess it makes sense, you need something balance allllll the carbs!