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Perhaps, the most anticipated time of my college career is about to happen. Going abroad for a semester has been at the top of what I look forward to in college, and thankfully I attend a University which makes it so easy and attainable. If you did not already know, I will be studying in Florence, Italy from January to May! Today I wanted to share how I really feel about studying abroad...

Although I have been dreaming of my semester abroad, I can't help but also worry. It is a long time, and I am not quite sure how everything is going to pan out. To be honest, these past few weeks have been full of stress and anxiety. Will I be able to budget myself? How often will I get lost? Will my apartment be liveable in? What will happen when I go places alone? How will classes differ? There is so much anxiety that is sprouting about my time abroad. So, to be honest, part of me is absolutely terrified. I have always been negatively minded, think of the worst possible scenarios, which ultimately is me letting this anxiety completely take over me. I also will be in a long distance relationship which is adding to my stress, and I think why I am most upset about leaving. If you follow me on Instagram, you would've seen my recent post about the reminder I needed... I have dreamed of where I am now for a long time. I should be filling with gratitude and excitement, not worry and fear.

This is all so weird to be happening right now because I am typically not one to get nervous or worked up about traveling alone or going abroad in general. I find it very relaxing to have so much me time on a plane and through the airport - fun fact, I LOVE airports! Since I am going with some of my best friends from school, it has made me a lot less anxious and that much more excited. Like who would not want to explore Europe with old and new friends? As you can tell, the other part of me is absolutely ecstatic to experience college on a different continent and just living in Italy. It will be my first time there, and I have heard nothing but great things about Florence.

I cannot believe I leave today! I feel completely unprepared if I am being honest. I have been abroad by myself for only about a month at a time, but never for this long. What to pack, how much to pack... definitely a stressful process. I think I finally figured out the perfect way to pack though, with some space available! Fingers crossed my petite self can maneuver it all through the airport. I also took Italian this past fall, so I feel one step ahead of other people because of that lol.

So, here's to all the pizza, pasta, and cappuccinos in my near future. Make sure you check the blog consistently! I will be sharing all my travel destinations, Florence tips, and general thoughts about living abroad. ✭✭✭

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