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Finally, finally, finally, back with a new blog post and more are on their way!

I am going to be honest - I hit a lot of creative ruts this summer, and just this past year in general in terms of my blog. I have taken on a lot of incredible rolls for this fall semester, but there is no excuse for not blogging - I simply have not made it a priority, which I am trying to work on.

Get ready for some fun, new content coming your way very soon.

Today I want to share everything I have been loving for the home, aka my room. Some of these are nothing new or groundbreaking, just the items I have noticed making an actual difference in my day-to-day!

It is no secret I am obsessed with coffee, and a Nespresso machine has been on my wishlist for SO long. After coming back from Italy and drinking espresso every day, instead of a regular cup of coffee, I knew it was worth it. Reality: I save so much money on coffee. Of course, some days I like to park it at a coffee shop to get work done, but other than that I make all my coffee at home and it makes a big difference! A Nespresso is definitely an investment piece, and I plan on having mine for a long time. I have the Vertuo style machine which allows you to make different sizes of coffee, not just standard espresso size, and of course a milk frother.

You think you don't need a charging station until you get one and realize it is one of the most convenient gadgets in your room! My nightstand is a lot smaller than what I am used to, so I was trying to think of ways to minimize clutter and space. This charging station has been a gamechanger. On one little thing, I have a place for my phone, Airpods, and watch! It has kept my nightstand neater, which I love. It sits on this little pink tray from target next to my glasses and my oil diffuser. Who knew a charging station could be so useful and chic at the same time?

If you haven't heard by now, cotton pillowcases are out. For your skin's sake, for your hair's sake, get on the trend, trust me. You could pay like $100 for a pure silk pillowcase, but it is honestly not worth the money when they are plenty of extremely affordable options on Amazon! For me, satin > silk, because satin absorbs less moisture aka all the oils on your face stay on your face and keep your skin hydrated and moisturized when you wake up, which we love. I have the light pink ones! These have drastically changed the nature of my skin and hair. My hair is way less frizzy and chaotic when I wake up and my skin is smoother and retains all the goodness I put on before I go to sleep.

I have this problem with candles where I forget to blow them out... my mom would never let me have them in my room since I could barely remember to turn my straightener off, whoops. So, I don't really trust myself to have them here at school either! I found this oil diffuser at Target while browsing the candle aisle, ironic I know, and I swear this was made for me. You just put the sticks in the oil and it makes your room smell good alllll the time. Truly amazing and I am still shocked it has taken me this long to discover these types of diffusers, but not complaining now!

It feels so, so good to be creating content again! I have been loving these items in my room and seeing actual results come out of using all of them. Let me know if you have any/try any of these items mentioned today! Thanks so much for reading!


I am obsessed with skincare. Ever since I was like 11 my skin has been crap. Although my aggressive acne has finally settled down, I am still dealing with texture, redness, and the occasional breakout (by occasional I mean one every day, but it's fine). I am constantly looking for new products to enhance my life in some way because better skin = enhanced life, for some reason lol. Anyways, the point of this post is a BRAND/PRODUCT REVIEW! I love product reviews - I love reading them and I love writing them. My L'Oreal Lash Paradise review is my most popular post of all time, so I hope y'all are excited about this one!


After my semester abroad, it is so nice to be home and back on a steady-ish routine. I am working almost every day of the week and love it! I cannot believe we are already half-way through July and I head back to USC in less than a month. Wondering what exactly I have been up to this summer? Keep reading to hear all the specifics! ✩


I was never one to "hide my secrets", I mean every app is out there, people just need to find it. I did the research and I did the digging so you don't have to! These are the just the apps I use, and I know there are so many out there, but they are all free and so easy to use. If you aren't already following me on Instagram - go for it if you want: @just.jojo.things!

Typically, I start with editing the photos and my favorite apps to edit are Snapseed and Lightroom. I do create my own edits on Lightroom, so if you have any specific questions on how I edit or my editing style, feel free to DM me on Instagram! Sometimes I dabble back into VSCO, but I find only some photos work well with the VSCO filters. Totally up to you! The editing features on the Instagram app itself are always good tools - I typically always do finishing touches using these tools.

Now into the two apps, I use for layouts, backgrounds, everything else - Unfold and Storyluxe! They are honestly so much fun to play around with and have so many variations for being free apps. I love them both equally, and am going to dip into which is better for what reasons and some examples of how I use each one!

One of my favorite features of Unfold is that you can organize your edits into folders, so you never get lost and can keep similar edits all in the same place. Unfold is super clean and sleek with simple color, sticker, and font additions you can do right in the app. If you've never heard of Unsplash, it is a high quality, free, stock photo website, so you have the option of using Unsplash images as your background. To finish it all off, you can preview the image full screen in story mode to make sure it looks good.

Storyluxe is FUN. Like cool backgrounds, the most fun layouts that add the best flares. Storyluxe is great for multiple photos, better-premade layout additions, and adorable collages where all you need to do is insert your photo. You cannot, however, add font or extra pieces directly in the app, but you can just use Instagram for that stuff. Storyluxe also lets you choose story or post size, which I love. Also, if you want, you can pay something to the app to get all the branding to be personalized which is super cool, especially if you are interning for a business or something.

There ya have it. Nothing too special or crazy, just some awesome apps that do all the hard wor for ya! All cute and fun while we are at it. You cannot go wrong with either app or both! I constantly am switching out between the two. Let me know if you enjoyed today's post and if you'd like to see more like this in the future! Thanks for reading ✧


I have only been to Charleston a few times while living in South Carolina, and every time I go I fall in love with the city and its charm! This was Jake and I's second time going just us - I love that there are so many different things to do, shops, and food options so both of us can be happy, lol. We woke up early and went, so we could have a full day there. We could not have gotten luckier with the weather - sunny, warm, and a nice breeze!


Hellooooo... from AMERICA! I am home safe and sound from my European adventure and finally starting to get my life in order. My last month abroad was amazing and I tried to live in the moment as much as I could, hence why I am just now getting all my final travels on the blog. One of my bucket list experiences was checked off this semester: spending Pascha (Easter) in Greece! Any Greek knows this is something you must do in your life and I am so blessed to have experienced it at such a young age and is truly my most special memory from abroad. ✴✴✴

I knew I wanted to go to an island I had not been to before, so we headed to Naxos, an island next to Paros, where I went last summer, and south of Mykonos! Relaxation and beauty were key when deciding on an island, and Naxos delivered flawlessly. We stayed at the incredible Illiada Villas tucked away on the island; if you are ever going to Naxos, I HIGHLY recommend staying here - the hospitality and views are unmatched.


Spring Break came and went in a heartbeat! Heading to the French Rivera took up the middle of our week, which was probably the most lavish day I have had in a while. It was not hot enough to lay out and tan, but it was warm and windy, which was a relaxing twist to our hustle and bustle of traveling. My SB posts are definitely out of order, I have been trying to focus on what brings the most creative inspiration and working from there, so low and behold, my creativity shined when it came to Nice. The colors, the water, and the sun shined into my mind.

recent favorites

Per usual, another month has flown by, but I forget how quickly February goes and now March is basically over?! I just got back from spring break, and I am not really sure how my time abroad is halfway over too. However, I am beyond excited it is getting warm in Florence, and for all our tropical travels coming up! Today's post is a collection of standout products I have not been able to go a day without, pretty much this whole semester. I love sharing in detail the things I am obsessed with/use all the time that are making positive impacts in my life, and can in yours too!

  1. Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac bags have been all the rage for years now, yet I still did not officially grab one until before I went abroad. I just could not commit to one I wasn't crazy about. Obviously, this leopard one stole my heart. Best part? I got it off Curtsy... if you don't know what Curtsy is, it is an app where you can sell your clothes but is filled with primarily trendy and occasion organized items dominated by college girls, so things you actually want to buy. So, I got this bag for a STEAL, under $50 to be exact. It came in two days before I went abroad and I was pumped, except it is the Mac, not the Mini Mac, so it is substantially bigger, but I am not complaining. The size works so well for walking around Flo if I will be gone all day and holds plenty, without being too heavy. I use this bag basically every day and has become my literal child. Basically, you need. When you have that bag which encompasses you and goes with everything, you just feel too dang good. Also, you can get these bags at WALMART, like what, yes, please. 
  2. Personally, my skin is something I believe is worth investing in. I have had troubled skin my whole life, as I have spoken about before on here, and most of the time cheap products don't deliver when my skin needs. I have always been okay with splurging on skin products because they really do deliver better results. Back in the fall, I knew I wanted to try out Drunk Elephant, but was not sure how my skin would react, so I bought the minis from Sephora. I can honestly say, after using their Glycolic Night Serum consistently for the past few months, I see a drastic difference in my skin when I use this product versus when I don't. It has helped with my texture, my acne scars, and the overall appearance of my skin. If you have been wanting to try Drunk Elephant, I highly recommend grabbing the nighttime or daytime duos. They are only $25 and lasts a decent amount of time! I promise you won't regret trying this brand out
  3. Confession: I am a water bottle snob. In turn, I am so picky and drink an unreasonable amount of water a day. If I do not always have water with me, I will literally have a panic attack. Cue, Hydroflask! This water bottle is fantastic. It holds 40oz of water, you can get a smaller size, but for me, it is the perfect amount so I don't have to refill my bottle 25 times a day. My favorite thing: it has a straw. I am also psycho about straws. I need to bite something while I drink, which is what was annoying about my most recent water bottle, a Swell. I used to be an AVID Camelback user, I think I owned about 12. I would gnaw on that freaking straw all day, but it wasn't insulated and would leak sometimes. The Hydroflask straw is great because it is hard so I cannot physically chew through it lol, and it is thickly insulated. Downsides: it is a heavy metal water bottle, but you get used to it; it also leaks in my bag if it is not standing up straight, also annoying, but I have been trying to always keep it up in my bag. Other than this, I would recommend this water bottle to anyone, and it comes in so many diff colors (eyeing the hotttt pink). I just have the white - timeless, chic, but if they had cheetah I'd buy, in a heartbeat. 
  4. Not to be dramatic, this podcast has changed my life. I have listened to probably two episodes a day for the past few weeks. There is like 180 episodes, so I have plenty more to fill my days. I have learned SO much from this podcast. The episodes are about an hour long and feature successful blogger, The Skinny Confidential, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and her entrepreneurial husband, Michael Bosstick. They typically interview highly successful people who are experts in what they do, and every podcast I have listened to is beyond inspiring. My favorite time to listen to them is in the morning getting ready or walking around because I actually want to be retaining their information. Also, a huge fan when Lauryn does solo episodes about self-care, anxiety, skincare, etc, I am utterly obsessed with her! Not to mention listening to this duo on their own is hilarious. If you need a new podcast, listen to The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast immediately, you will not regret it, but let me know if you get as addicted as me!
  5. For a while, I was an avid Fenty gloss user. I would wear it almost every day, but I wanted to switch it up, no glitter, soft pinky nude, boom... this Morphe gloss. The shade I have is Boho and is described as a dusty pink. It is such a flattering shade on and pairs well with any other lipstick underneath or on its own. Also, the formula is so comfortable and light, I find some lip glosses are so thick it is annoying to have them on my lips. Not to mention, there are so many other colors available on Ulta.com, if light nudes aren't for you! 
  6. This might be the second or third time I have mentioned these shoes on my blog. They were a splurge, but I understand why. I have never been able to wear slip-ons, I would always be shocked when people wore them, especially without socks. These shoes are perfect. The platform is the right height, they are beyond comfortable and breathable and go with every outfit! I wear them essentially every single day, unfortunately, they are getting pretty beat up and dirty, but that just shows ~character~, right? All in all, if you are looking for the perfect white shoes, look no further
Well, there ya have it. I hope you try some of these standouts in my life out and let me know if you do! Working on getting all my Spring Break posts polished, so check back here or head over to my Instagram (@just.jojo.things) to stay updated. As always, thanks for reading ♥


Hey hey, hope your week is off to a fantastic start. I decided it was time to go back to my OG blogging and highlight an outfit and a specific piece of clothing. Obviously, I am enjoying all the shopping in Europe (maybe a little too much). For example, this red duster... ⤵⤵⤵

I fell in love when I saw it, then, even more, when I tried it on. It fits so well and is so comfortable! I have been wanting to incorporate more bold colors into my wardrobe, especially red. (Yes, I am aware this is such a UGA outfit, but I am ignoring it) It is from Bershka, my new favorite store, and comes in 3 other colors. Perfectly lightweight and looks way more expensive than it is... what more could you want? I paired it with a monochromatic fit, but a sleek white slip on. ⤳ SHOP THE LOOK: duster // jeans // tank // shoes

It was also about time I headed to Gucci Garden! If you didn't know, in Florence there is the Gucci Garden, which is essentially a Gucci Museum and a boutique with unique items on the bottom. It is an iconic spot in Florence and a must see! Such an amazing exhibit with some of the coolest designs I have seen. Gucci thrives in the millennial market and it is very clear why. It is bold, electric, unique, but unapologetically Gucci. I am obsessed with all the iconic PINK items they have available only here!

Such a fun day in Flo... I am finally able to walk without a GPS and stop to enjoy moments without my phone out. Plus, the weather is getting SO nice! Spring break starts in almost a week and I cannot freaking wait, keep checking back for more abroad updates. As always, thanks for reading! ⭑⭑⭑


This past weekend was a freaking dream. Switzerland was not on the top of my list in terms of traveling, but it was on the top of Natalie's list, so we booked it! I have never seen that much snow in my life, and apparently, there was hardly any there since it has been so warm! I still was beyond giddy touching and walking in the snow. We could have not picked a better time to go, the beauty there is unreal! The entire time it felt like I was walking through a Hallmark movie and living in a postcard.


We somehow saw all we needed to see in Rome in a day, a breathtaking (in regards to Roman beauty and our physical bodies) day that's for sure. After taking Latin for three years in high school, I have always wanted to get to Rome - it's more fun when you have a base knowledge of all the history! Rome is much larger than Florence and wayyyy more touristy. We did not think there would be that many since Florence is calmer in regards to tourists right now. Overall, I definitely enjoyed Rome more than I was expecting to, but do not particularly need to head back any time soon.


I have officially been living in Florence, Italy for about three weeks now! What a time it has been. Florence is beautiful - everything here is art. It is definitely different than I expected. It seems as if there are no laws, especially when driving, so you always have to be on your toes when walking. Speaking of walking, I have been walking about 4-7 miles every day! I knew Florence was a walking city, but it has been more than I expected. You do not realize how much you walked until the end of the day - my apple watch is not used to me exceeding all of my fitness goals lol. I guess it makes sense, you need something balance allllll the carbs!


Perhaps, the most anticipated time of my college career is about to happen. Going abroad for a semester has been at the top of what I look forward to in college, and thankfully I attend a University which makes it so easy and attainable. If you did not already know, I will be studying in Florence, Italy from January to May! Today I wanted to share how I really feel about studying abroad...


Classic Instagram ads sucking me in... showing me products they know I will think are cute... it is honestly so rude. Anyways, I bought this jacket on a whim because it caught my eye immediately. It is from Macy's, on sale, AND you can add another coupon on top so I got it for only $35! Such a steal for a bold and staple piece in your closet.

out with the old, in with the real

It still hasn't really hit me that it is the New Year! There is so much to look forward to in 2019, I am going to study in Italy and after that, I will be a SENIOR in college... like what!? 2018 has been a weird year, don't get me wrong, such an incredible year, but personally, the root was a lot of reflection and growth.

I hit a lot of holes and found myself stuck in ruts and unmotivated way more than I was motivated and moving forward. I learned it was okay to take time for myself, to spend the day doing what I wanted to do, and that it is okay to be vulnerable. I am definitely someone who was anti-feelings for a long time, but this past year I really became in touch with emotions and was not afraid to express them (thanks TJ). Pretty sure I cried more this year than I have all of college lol, but it honestly all needed to happen. Do not get me wrong, this past year I was presented with a lot of amazing opportunities - I worked the Masters Tournament, had the best internship, finally traveled Greece with my family, was a Pi Chi to the sweetest girls, started dating an incredible guy, and so much more. But I really needed to learn that it is alright to sit and dwell when things are not okay, instead of pretending everything is perfect.

Since I am not one to make New Year's resolutions, this year I kind of wanted to, more so to keep myself accountable throughout the year by looking back and achieving all I said I wanted to and actually bettering myself. Here are a few of the aspects of my life I want to work on/goals I hope to achieve:

  • Be more compassionate - I am definitely not an empathetic person, so I want to work on being more aware and understanding of other peoples feelings instead of ignoring them. I want to be more accessible to my friends, family, and others if they ever need to talk to me. My boyfriend has the biggest heart, sometimes he is so nice it drives me crazy, but instead of all that bothering me this year, I want to learn from him and reciprocate the same kindness. Being from the South, I have good manners and know how to treat strangers, so I want to be sure to implement those when I am traveling next semester, whether the Italians will appreciate it or not, we will see! 
  • Stop judging myself AND others - I am so guilty for judging those around me, whether it is out loud to my boyfriend or subconsciously and it has taken me a while to realize, none of that is necessary or even matters! We gotta let people be who they are, wear what they want, and do as they wish, just as we hope others let ourselves do. This also leads to my constant issue of judging myself more often than I want to admit, we all do this and it tears our self-esteem down so much. I am by no means the thinnest girl, nor am I always in shape, but I am trying to learn to embrace my body and appreciate all the good instead of dwelling on all the bad. One thing that I really did improve on this year was finally accepting that I will always struggle with acne (thankfully, not as bad as I did the first 18 years of my life), and realizing most everyone else does too! Something that used to hold me back from wearing certain things or going certain places barely phases me anymore. 
  • Be more spontaneous - Reality is, I am way too good at saying no. I am the kind of person who will usually rather stay in than go out or not go to that dinner with everyone even I want to see my friends. To be honest, this year I just got lazy, I fell out of love with Columbia and school in general. This upcoming year, especially since I will be in Europe, I want to be more spontaneous! I hope to travel as often as I can and say yes to any and every opportunity, whether that is going out, finally trying that new pizza place, or going skiing in the Swiss Alps... I am going to stop letting fear and anxiety control my decisions.
  • Post more regularly & gain more followers - If you don't follow my Instagram, @just.jojo.things, you should start because it is about to get way more poppin. It will mostly be filled with my European adventures woooooop! I really hope to get to 5k by the time I come back from abroad, which may not seem like a huge number, but I am all about growing slowly. Another goal I have is to start a YouTube channel! I have wanted to do this for a while now, and hope it will be easier to share more makeup and hair looks with y'all. 

My blog was something I did not feel fulfilled me enough this past year... I realized the direction and execution of my blog was not what I wanted nor what kept me excited to post. I curated content based on what I thought people wanted to see when in reality my best posts were the simple and real ones! I am taking this mindset and motivation into the next year, which is also why I took the leap to re-brand and sort of re-design my blog. I wanted a base to inspire me and a fresher slate to get me going. So here is a mini breakdown of my hopes and plans for my blog this year:

  • I tried to keep style at the center of my blog, but that is just too difficult for me. Realistically, most days I am in norts, sweatpants, and some sorority t-shirt. I do not dress up every day and am the girl who wears makeup less often than not! I did not think it was fair or fun to keep forcing myself to seem more glam or put together than I am, because that is just not the real me. Do not get me wrong, I love fashion and styling, I mean it is my major after all! Give me an event or a reason to dress up, and I will be there all extra, full beat glam on, but day to day life I keep it simple and I love to let my skin breathe. Outfits will still be at the heart of my blog. You can expect specific style posts less often, but with better execution than before! 
  • Travel posts are pretty scattered here, since each month it varies whether I travel or not. This year, traveling will definitely be the center of my blog. Due to my ya know, entire semester abroad. Definitely expect some bomb photos, city guides, and a lot to come about living in Italy! I am beyond ready for my time abroad to be transparent on this blog and am so eager to share all my new adventures.
  • Lifestyle is definitely the largest part of my blog, which gets me so giddy! I love lifestyle type content, all the college, beauty, and product posts will be coming your way, as well as a lot of posts like this, me rambling about my life. I also have lost touch with my creative side and cannot wait to get back into graphics and photos, and possibly sharing more makeup looks (@ that YouTube channel I need to start). 

So here's to 2019... thanks to everyone who helped me make some great memories in 2018 and for going into this new year by my side. Hopefully, you will follow along throughout my year and as always, thanks for reading!