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Wow, my blog has become so lavish due to my Mediterranean trip, but now it's back to reality. Before my trip, I started my internship for the summer, took a quick break to ya know {frolic through Greece}, and now grinding for the rest of the summer! I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what even is my internship and who am I interning for. This post will break down where I work and what I do!

My internship this summer is with ADDO Worldwide, a leadership consultancy (ADDO is latin for inspire). ADDO creates leadership products, programs, and experiences. I was first exposed to ADDO in high school when I was able to meet and interact with Co-Founders through a club called Chick-fil-A Leader Academy. I loved being apart of CFALA, and at the time I would have never guessed I would be interning for the "guys in the videos". But I am forever grateful for the experience I had then, which blossomed into the experience I am having now.

I absolutely love ADDO. I never imagined working somewhere like here, but I think that's because I didn't realize somewhere like it existed. I always thought I would go to some big city and intern at a huge corporate company, not a small company a couple exits away from home. Part of this is the people, they are all so genuine and actually care about you and want to get to know you. I felt apart of the ADDO family from day one.

My internship is technically supposed to be for their new elementary school character education program, The Voyage, but as the employees and I interacted more, they had me branch out to all over based on my strengths. I really appreciate how they are tailoring my internship to my needs and theirs. It shows they value me and all my work as opposed to just throwing me whatever tasks they did not want to complete themselves (which is what I imagined an internship being). I primarily do work on The Voyage, but pretty much whenever someone in the office needs something done with Adobe, I'm their girl. At first, I was kind of worried about all these tasks, because I know how to use Photoshop, InDesign, etc, but am by no means an expert. But in fact, I am learning so much myself with each project I am assigned. It's exciting for people to have so much trust in you with each project!

The culture and environment at ADDO are very unique, very people-oriented, and inspiring. For example, we had a service day a few weeks ago, where the entire team went to help at MUST ministries. You don't get that kind of interaction and service with a huge company or most companies even. So far, the other intern, Campbell, and I have been able to attend some awesome events. We went to the Chick-fil-A True Foundation Awards and the Power 30 Under 30 Awards!
Green Dress // Blush Dress (similar)

One of the best parts about ADDO and this internship is the boss. Kevin is awesome. I first met him through CFA Leader Academy, and was ecstatic to be able to work for him! He keeps the office fun and his leadership style is so unique. Also, he dabbles in writing books, his newest one is launching soon! Campbell and I are always in awe at how fun our internship is and by how much experience and knowledge we are gaining. The ADDO team is very welcoming to our questions and push us to be our best.

You are all probably wondering how I found this internship. Kevin actually reached out to me and suggested I apply! I wasn't really planning on getting an internship this summer since I needed to work a lot and save up some money, but I couldn't really pass up this opportunity. I also knew I wanted to stay home this summer and needed somewhere that would be flexible with my family vacation. Next summer, I think I want to try out a big company to compare possibly in New York or Chicago. Once I start having to really dig for all of those internships, I will share tons of tips!

I always love seeing what kind of work other people are up to in the summers, especially being away from most of my friends from school. I hope you enjoyed reading about my internship! Let me know if you'd like a week's roundup of internship outfits.

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