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I am pretty sure everyone is obsessed with Glossier's Instagram and aesthetic. They keep millennial pink at the heart of everything they post, but that's because millennial or now, "glossier", pink is their iconic brand's color and identity. I really love their platform of "skincare first. makeup second". For someone who has had pretty crappy skin most of my life, I applaud Glossier for not advertising makeup to cover up all your blemishes, but rather enhance your natural skin to the best it can look. In New York, the number one thing I wanted to do was go to the Glossier showroom. Since Glossier is pretty much only online, I really wanted to be able to touch and test the new products I was considering getting! Needless to say, the showroom, products, and employees did not disappoint. Today I am giving you a roundup of all the Glossier products I've tried and which are my favorites!
The first items I purchased from Glossier within the past year were:
  • Wowder - I was on the hunt for a gooood setting/baking powder for a while. I was not ready to splurge on the Laura Mercier Translucent powder, so when I found this lightly tinted one on Glossier, I gave it a shot! I am super oily, so I needed something to keep me matte and last a while. This powder looks amazing on the skin. It will instantly mattify and smooth out your skin. Really makes you say, "wow". Even the sifter is great because it is not messy at all! The only thing I dislike is that it doesn't last well if I am sweating a lot. But overall, a fantastic powder if you are looking for one! (I also mention this product in my Summer Makeup Routine!)

  • Lip Gloss - I know I always rave about my Fenty Gloss, which is still my favorite, but this gloss is a close second. It's different because it's just gloss. Shiny, clear, glossy goodness. It will add the perfect amount of plump and shine to finish a no-makeup makeup or full glam look! 

However, one Glossier product has completely changed my life once I got it. Maybe I am being too dramatic (or always dramatic it's fine), but this stuff is magic. 

  • Solution - I have had a time with acne. Nothing would clear my skin for so long, and when it finally did, I had scarring everywhere! I bought this liquid exfoliator on a whim since the reviews seemed too good to be true. I knew I had to try it out for myself, and now I am never going back. Since it is a gentle exfoliator you can't even feel it, but your skin feels so smooth afterward, serums and moisturizers go on so easy. Out of nowhere, probably after two or so weeks of using Solution consistently, my skin got SO clear and my texture drastically reduced. Even when I did not use it every day, my skin has stayed clear and way smoother than usual. If you have been struggling with your skin, this product is a MUST... (don't hate me, this is out of stock, for good reason, but get on the list to know when it restocks!) 

When I went to the showroom, I had a list in mind of which products I wanted to try - and I am glad I did! It was pretty crazy, a lot of people in a small space. But obviously, the entire room was perfect photo ops. Since all of their products are SO affordable, here are the ones I picked up:

  • Milk Jelly Cleanser - A lot of people rave about this cleanser, and I have been kind of looking for a new one. Luckily, right before I got to NY, they launched a travel-friendly mini size of their cleanser. A perfect sign to grab it as a test since I was able to bring it on the plane! I have been using this for about two weeks now every day or so, and I have a few thoughts. For makeup removing, it is awesome! So easy and quick, I don't even need a makeup wipe which makes my skin very happy. However, I am not the biggest fan of it as a regular cleanser morning/night, and I am a little worried it is irritating my skin. It is a nice cleanser, but for my oily skin, I need something that does a little more! 

  • Boy Brow - Probably one of their most famous products, and I definitely can see why! I have been using the Anastasia Brow Definer for a while and love it, but it is too big of a hassle for day to day. Also, my hair has gotten lighter so the blond color is perfect for right now! It is super easy to apply and strokes the right amount of color and definition to your brows. All in all, an awesome brow product I can see myself using for a while. 
  • Lash Slick - Glossier claims this to be the "perfect everyday mascara", and BOY ARE THEY RIGHT. This stuff is incredible. Takes little application to achieve effortless, clump-less, and long lashes. Ever since I got this mascara, I haven't used anything else, even with my full glam looks! Bottom line, you need this. Trust me, Glossier has done it again. 

I hope you all enjoyed this little Glossier galore! I always love testing out beauty products, so if you would like any more reviews of anything, let me know. As always, thanks for reading!

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