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I am pretty sure everyone is obsessed with Glossier's Instagram and aesthetic. They keep millennial pink at the heart of everything they post, but that's because millennial or now, "glossier", pink is their iconic brand's color and identity. I really love their platform of "skincare first. makeup second". For someone who has had pretty crappy skin most of my life, I applaud Glossier for not advertising makeup to cover up all your blemishes, but rather enhance your natural skin to the best it can look. In New York, the number one thing I wanted to do was go to the Glossier showroom. Since Glossier is pretty much only online, I really wanted to be able to touch and test the new products I was considering getting! Needless to say, the showroom, products, and employees did not disappoint. Today I am giving you a roundup of all the Glossier products I've tried and which are my favorites!


Wow, my blog has become so lavish due to my Mediterranean trip, but now it's back to reality. Before my trip, I started my internship for the summer, took a quick break to ya know {frolic through Greece}, and now grinding for the rest of the summer! I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what even is my internship and who am I interning for. This post will break down where I work and what I do!