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Aaaah, Santorini... the place most people think of when Greece comes to mind. Probably the top island on everyone's Grecian bucket list. So, it was obviously on ours too! Santorini is no doubt beautiful,  breathtaking views in an abyss of blue and white. It was our second island of the trip, but not quite the best place for that relaxing vacation. 

Our first night was spent at dinner with our friends we met up with and a nice walk throughout Thira, the part of the island we were staying in. There are so many shops and restaurants, you cannot really go wrong with any of them. We ate at Character, overlooking the water on the edge, and it was delicious. Half the table all got this sea bass and black risotto, too good. I am a sucker for risotto, I think I had it almost 7 times on this trip lol. 

We loved where we stayed! It was one of those cave-like hotels with a stunning view. Like I said we were in Thira, Firostefani more specifically at Blue Dolphin. The rooms were super cool and the service was very impressive. We did not stay in Oia, the very famous part of Santorini, but we did go for an evening. I personally loved where we stayed much better, it was a little more peaceful in terms of chaos, and the views were better in Firostefani than Oia! 

When we got to Santorini, my sister and I were ready to lose it because we still didn't have luggage, but on the second day, we finally got it. To celebrate, we spent the day at one of the black sand beaches, Perissa beach. However, the idea of a black sand beach sounds lovely until you realize the sand is scorching. Also, the water on the islands has been extremely chilly, so it's not always a win-win. I did have the best cocktail, it had cucumber, green apple, and ginger - so refreshing and delightful! It was nice to be able to relax in the sun for a while, since the days prior we were panicking about luggage and frantically trying to get it all over Greece. 

Santorini was definitely my family's least favorite island. It was just so busy and full of tourists, and we went in the off-season, I cannot even imagine how insane it gets later in the summer. I simply think it is overrated compared to all else Greece has to offer. We are definitely glad we went once and experienced the beauty, but we have no need to go back any time soon. We are going to stick with the low-key relaxing islands for a while! 

Have you ever been to Santorini? ❋ Thanks for reading, more islands are coming soon!

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