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I asked on an Instagram poll (PAUSE, if you aren't following me on insta GO: @thelifeofjojo_) if y'all would like to see my summer makeup routine and basically, everyone said yes! So here we are. Don't get me wrong, I do love a classic full glam look, but this time of year, I like it more natural and lighter! Summer makeup is also all about being quick and easy, you want to be able to throw something on and run out the door looking effortless and sun-kissed. ❊❊❊

Once I find a makeup product I love and that works for my super sensitive skin, I stick with it! You could have definitely seen some of these products on the blog before. These products really work for me and I am usually always happy with the results. Here is a breakdown of which products I use and why I love them:

 IT-Cosmetics CC+ cream: This stuff definitely intimidated me at first because I have oily skin, so I always gravitate towards the products that scream matte. I love how this CC cream has SPF 50 and a whole bunch of other good stuff for your skin and is surprisingly long lasting on my slick skin! It leaves a gorgeous finish on the skin and is a staple all year long. This time of year I am the shade "medium", but in the winter I should probably use "light", even though I don't lol. Sometimes I will just throw this and some mascara on and call it a day!

 NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer: Another product I was afraid of because of my oily skin. I have found recently though that my under eyes get really dry and irritated easily, so I prefer this concealer because it is lightweight and hydrating! I don't use too light of a shade because I'm not really a fan of the super highlighted undereye at the moment, so I use the shade "custard".

 Benefit Matte Porefessional Primer: Since my skin is so oily, I compromise by using a mattifying primer, I have used this one for as long as I have been into makeup. If you have any recommendations for other good mattifying primers, let me know! Benefit just knows what they are doing with their pore line and I really appreciate them for it.

 Glossier Wowder: The newest product in my makeup routine, but hands down one I cannot live without. This powder is unreal. Every time I try a new Glossier product, I am blown away. The shade of the powder is light, but not too light, I use the shade "light/medium". It has a soft tint but is basically a translucent powder. The best part is the sifter on top, the right amount of powder comes out whenever you need, and it is mess free! This is my go-to to set/bake my under-eye and most of the time my whole face as well.

 Hoola Bronzer: I mean c'mon... you have probably heard about it a thousand times on the internet, and obviously for the right reasons. It is the best bronzer, always looks great, and the perfect shade. If you don't own it, what are you doing?! 

 Milani Baked Blush: This has been a staple in my routine for a while now. I use the shade "Luminoso". It is a delightful coral peachy shade with a hint of shimmer, exactly what you need for that summer glow. I don't always use blush, but when I do this is the one!

Stila Liquid Eyeshadow: HOLY MOLY. I'm not really a glitter girl and never saw the appeal of the hastle putting glitter on your eyes entails, but this product. Wow... blows me away, every time. If you want to be glam without any work, you need this. When I want a more dressed up look, but don't want to do a full beat glam for my whole face, I swipe this on my eyes and I'm golden, literally. The best part is, it is SO EASY, you just throw some on your lid and you can blend it in a little with your finger or a brush and boom. Also, all the colors are stunning, so yeah, do yourself a favor!

Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (Waterproof): I'm weird when it comes to mascara, I use like 4 different ones with one look. I use the regular BTS mascara on an everyday basis, but in the summer, especially at the beach or on the boat all day, I will throw on the waterproof version and that's it! Lasts all day and you don't have to worry about anything running.

Essence Make Me Brow: I am no brow expert by ANY means, heck, I didn't even touch my brows until I started college. However, I do know what works for me! I personally pluck my eyebrows or let my friends pluck them lol. Since my hair is a lot lighter than my brows in some places, I turn to this brow gel to lighten them up. It combs your brows and applies the product at the same time, winner. I have been looking into other brow gels, so if you have any recs lmk!

Smashbox Spotlight Palette: You have definitely seen this product on my blog before, all for good reason obviously. It is my favorite highlighter and pretty much the only one I use. It was created by the YouTuber, Casey Holmes, who has very similar skin to mine, so I knew this would work for me. It doesn't accentuate texture or trigger oils! I don't use highlighter on a regular basis, especially if I will be outside allll day since my face will give me that natural, lovely oil itself. I also love how this one palette has three different shades, bang for your buck!

Fenty Universal Bomb Gloss: OOOOOMG. I have been meaning to talk about this gloss since I got it as a gift, thanks @Jo! It is perfect. The applicator is so big and the perfect shape. Whenever someone asks what I am wearing, "Fenty Gloss", no explanation needed. I got my friends hooked too, hey @Natalie. It looks amazing on everyone and lasts so long. This has been my most used makeup product for months now and will always complete any look. You NEED it, even if you aren't a gloss girl, trust me.

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray: Do I even need to explain this one? In the summer you sweat, you need something to lock in your makeup! This is it. I use it every time I put on makeup, and it will (mostly) stay on your face all day. Another summer staple, I simply cannot live without.

You can shop all of the products listed above here! 

Thanks so much for reading and cheers to you if you made it this far! I hope you check out some of these products and as always, please share your favorite products for summer ❊ 
All of my Greece posts are coming soon! 

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