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AHHH, the oh so anticipated Greece trip is here. We have been here for over a week now, and it has been an interesting time. We started our trip with no luggage, slowly getting more bags as the trip went on, but my sister and I did not get our bag with all our clothes until 4 days in! It was ridiculous, and it wasn't just us, it happened to a lot of people. Thanks, AirFrance!!
We started our vacation on the island of Milos, one of the less popular Grecian islands (tourist-wise), but it was incredible. I can already tell you, Milos was the highlight of our trip for everyone! Even though we did not have much luggage at the time, it didn't take away from enjoying the island. I think one reason we really enjoyed it was that there were not a lot of tourists, it was not very busy, and we were able to slow it down a bit, as compared to Athens or even Santorini. I should also mention that we are only spending two days on each island, not a lot of time at all! We have packed a lot in.


Our first day in Milos, we explored the town we were staying in, which was Pollonia, such a friendly, beautiful town. We stayed at the hotel, Salt. It was wonderful. White walls, white rocks, very clean and sleek design. Oh, and the service was astonishing. They helped us find our lost bags and were calling the airports for us, and eventually went to the airport to pick them up for us on our last day. Anything we needed, they were there one step ahead of us. Not to mention the VIEWS, absolutely stunning. 


For food, we would just walk into Pollonia and eat at whichever restaurant seemed appealing at the time. The best food we had was hands down at Rifaki, and again, the service was very attentive. Greeks are definitely known for their hospitality, but if you have never been to Greece, they do everything in Greek time, aka very leisurely and relaxed, so it was a little surprising. Definitely be sure to get some seafood on the islands, it is fantastic! 
To explore all of Milos and the highlight of the trip, we took a boat tour around the island. Milos does not have typical "beaches", most of Greece doesn't. It is definitely not what we are used to driving to Florida for Spring Break. Milos has a lot of cliffs and rocks, which is why it was perfect to explore all of this through a boat. We took Polco Sailing, which was a blast! It was a smaller boat, so there were only about 12 people total, and the captain was a hoot. I HIGHLY recommend doing some sort of boat tour to experience the island in the best way! 

Thanks so much for reading! Hopefully, I've inspired you to book a trip to Milos, but posts about the other two islands and the rest of my trip will be up soon. ✰

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