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WOOHOO TUNEZ. I always mean to share what I am currently listening to, and now I am going to stick with sharing it each month! I think it's so fun to see what other people listen to and it really shows a lot about them. So, here's what I have been listening to alllll June long...

⭒ WBLBY - Adam Turley
⭒ May I Have This Dance (Remix) - Francis and the Lights ft. Chance the Rapper
⭒ Buttercup - Hippo Campus
⭒ love ride - Christian French
⭒ Simplify - Young the Giant
⭒ Coffee - Claire Michelle, Kevin Paris
⭒ 22:22 - FIELDS
⭒ Get Somewhere - Yam Haus
⭒ strangers - lovelytheband
⭒ Blink - Early Hours
⭒ Are We Alone? - COIN
⭒ That's All - Mauwe
⭒ Heartbreaker - Peachy
⭒ 2/14 - The Band CAMINO
⭒ Stargazer - Yam Haus
⭒ Violet - Bad Suns
⭒ heart - flor
⭒ Knock on My Door - Faouzia⭒ don't worry, you will - lovelytheband

Feel free to follow me on Spotify! I'm kinda obnoxious and make so many playlists, but its fun. Also cannot believe June is almost over! Let me know if you'd like this to become a monthly occurrence and share some of your current tunez down below ⭒⭒⭒

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