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Helloooo everybody! It has been very sad for me not to be able to put as much attention and effort into my blog over the past few months, but it was honestly much needed so that I could focus on it when I knew I really had the time, aka now! This has been an extremely busy and stressful semester. I ended up rushing and pledging a co-ed professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, which basically took over my life for a few months. We had Fashion Week for my club Fashion Board at USC which I am on exec for, and just a lot of sorority events in general. I worked the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA (that was cool)! All the stress and time was definitely worth it though because this semester has been pretty great. I cannot believe sophomore year is coming to an end. What better way to finish it off than a fabulous formal with all of my favorite people and with my sister who is about to graduate (crazyyy)!