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holiday ✩ gift guides

December came out of nowhere, but I cannot complain! Although finals season is in full swing, so are the Holidays. I can't help but take a study break to peruse and create shopping ideas for all of you, aka here is your study break, you are welcome. I found a range of items with a range of prices for each tailored category! I hope these guides will provide inspiration for others or even ideas for yourself to ask for. You can click on every photo and it will take you directly on each photo and it will take you to the link to buy it, how easy I know. Happy shopping and Happy Holidays! ✩✩✩


I cannot believe this semester is basically over... only two weeks left in the city of dreams until next year. One last hoorah to close off the semester with Alpha Chi's semi-formal, and my first function not on exec, aka stress-free! I forgot how much fun it was to get all dolled up and celebrate each other. Savoring these special moments with my favorite people before heading to Italy without (most of) them! ❣


Yesterday, I went to Charleston for probably about a total of two hours. My friend Tori and I had to go to the Italian Honorary Consulate to apply for our Student Visas ~to study abroad in Italy next semester~!! We figured we might as well make a mini trip out of it, so we got lunch at 167 Raw... y'all it was SO good. Fresh seafood in a tiny little place and the staff was so attentive and considerate, I HIGHLY recommend if you ever pop over to Charleston!

⬗ What I am loving ⬖

 Technically it is fall? I would say it is hurricane season; USC canceled class for a week in September and one-day last week, but we have fall break tomorrow, not complaining though. All I know is I cannot wait to dress for fall, I keep trying to wear cute sweaters and end up sweating like crazy, not ideal. Hopefully, the South will figure it out soon... Now onto what this post is really about! I LOVE making these posts. I find a lot of new clothes, makeup, skincare, food, shows, etc and it is so easy to share all my favorite current things in one place at one time. There are not too many recent obsessions, but definitely a few stand out products.

Semester Slump & Recent Recap

Long time no see... I have been in a slump, not even a mid-semester slump, just a slump this whole semester, which is very unlike me. I am usually good at being productive, getting tasks done in a reasonable time, and having creative waves to create content. I don't know what has gotten into me. I obviously have not been posting on my blog, I could never get myself to just sit and write a post, but this has always been one of my favorite outlets to relax. Within the past week, it just hit me that I need to get back on my grind and do all that I committed to.

These past few months I have been nothing short of just flat out lazy. I have not been hanging out with my friends as much or taking advantage of awesome opportunities coming my way. I really could not tell you [or myself] why! My two best friends and I live in a different apartment than most of our friends and I definitely feel kind of secluded from everyone - it is hard to force yourself to leave the comfort of your own home just to interact with people. I have sort of looked at every chance to socialize or have fun as a burden on my simple life in my cozy apartment or in class. I also have been driving to class every day, since we live further away than I ever have, which is not my favorite thing. Long walks across campus for class or whatever reason were always some of my most relaxing times and my exercise most days. Realistically, I could walk, but I am waiting until it is not crazy hot and humid out - will fall ever actually show up, LMK. On that note, if you have any good workout playlists or quick workouts that are effective please send them my way, I want to try and do a quick workout at least every day to get back into a healthier routine.

In one of my past posts, I mentioned how I spontaneously decided to change my major. So, this semester I am taking classes technically not for my retailing major which I think is a huge factor. I love my fashion classes, they are always fun and I never mind doing work for them because it is work I enjoy! I dread having to do any school work with the majority of my classes this semester, which became a big eye-opener. With this, I decided to not officially change my major and keep being a Fashion Merchandising major and have a Journalism/Mass Comm minor. A lot fluctuated with school and other aspects and I realized I have no reason to change my major, this is what I have always wanted to do, so I am going to stick with it. It was a hard decision to keep my retailing major because I panicked that this semester would be a waste, but in the grand scheme of things, it is not taking a huge toll on my course to graduation. Now that I know I am staying a retailing major I have felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders and am so excited for what will come from this!

I continued my internship from this summer, with ADDO, and I am working remotely here in Columbia. I am so thankful for them to still have faith in me to be successful when I am away from the office. If you can get a remote internship, especially during the fall semester, it is amazing. One of the biggest reasons I did not want a regular retail or restaurant job because I just did not want to give up my weekends. Call me dramatic, but I go to a big SEC school, Saturdays in South Carolina are a big deal and with only one year after this (okay what), I want to savor every moment here as I can. I find it pretty easy to balance school and my internship, thankfully I do not have a crazy amount of work each week, but enough to fill time between classes and keep me productive.

Next semester, I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy and I am SO excited. Going abroad has always been at the top of my college bucket list. I decided on Florence kind of ironically, I tried to avoid it for a while. A lot of people go to Florence, which was a huge turn off for me, but as I researched other places, I soon realized why everyone actually goes there. I will be studying at Florence University of the Arts, and the classes offered are so cool! The program is one of the cheapest, and when else will I be able to live in Italy for 4 months. All the pieces sort of fell together and I could not avoid it anymore. It is insane how quickly it is approaching like I leave in January!!! It still has not hit me, but thankfully I will be going with a lot of my close friends so I am not too stressed. Stay tuned for Natalie and I's vlog channel while abroad, it will be an entertaining one.

This post was a total blurb of random stuff, but I felt it was necessary to give a little recap and let myself get back into a blogging routine. Stay tuned for my posts and please let me know what you would like to see!

As always, thanks for reading ✮


It's the most wonderful time of the year... recruitment season!!! If you for some reason you do not know what recruitment is or are going to a school with a huge Greek life, but you have never been exposed to any Greek Life, let me break it down for ya. Big disclaimer: recruitment is different at every school, especially depending on location and size of the school! I go to a big SEC school, University of South Carolina, with a big recruitment. This year we are expecting a little under 2,000 girls to rush, aka PNMs (potential new members)... yeah, crazy.

This post is long, and there is a lot of information! I really dove into the different rounds and what recruitment is like. So, if you are rushing in the fall, I promise it is worth the read!


I am pretty sure everyone is obsessed with Glossier's Instagram and aesthetic. They keep millennial pink at the heart of everything they post, but that's because millennial or now, "glossier", pink is their iconic brand's color and identity. I really love their platform of "skincare first. makeup second". For someone who has had pretty crappy skin most of my life, I applaud Glossier for not advertising makeup to cover up all your blemishes, but rather enhance your natural skin to the best it can look. In New York, the number one thing I wanted to do was go to the Glossier showroom. Since Glossier is pretty much only online, I really wanted to be able to touch and test the new products I was considering getting! Needless to say, the showroom, products, and employees did not disappoint. Today I am giving you a roundup of all the Glossier products I've tried and which are my favorites!


Wow, my blog has become so lavish due to my Mediterranean trip, but now it's back to reality. Before my trip, I started my internship for the summer, took a quick break to ya know {frolic through Greece}, and now grinding for the rest of the summer! I'm sure a lot of you are wondering what even is my internship and who am I interning for. This post will break down where I work and what I do!


WOOHOO TUNEZ. I always mean to share what I am currently listening to, and now I am going to stick with sharing it each month! I think it's so fun to see what other people listen to and it really shows a lot about them. So, here's what I have been listening to alllll June long...

⭒ WBLBY - Adam Turley
⭒ May I Have This Dance (Remix) - Francis and the Lights ft. Chance the Rapper
⭒ Buttercup - Hippo Campus
⭒ love ride - Christian French
⭒ Simplify - Young the Giant
⭒ Coffee - Claire Michelle, Kevin Paris
⭒ 22:22 - FIELDS
⭒ Get Somewhere - Yam Haus
⭒ strangers - lovelytheband
⭒ Blink - Early Hours
⭒ Are We Alone? - COIN
⭒ That's All - Mauwe
⭒ Heartbreaker - Peachy
⭒ 2/14 - The Band CAMINO
⭒ Stargazer - Yam Haus
⭒ Violet - Bad Suns
⭒ heart - flor
⭒ Knock on My Door - Faouzia⭒ don't worry, you will - lovelytheband

Feel free to follow me on Spotify! I'm kinda obnoxious and make so many playlists, but its fun. Also cannot believe June is almost over! Let me know if you'd like this to become a monthly occurrence and share some of your current tunez down below ⭒⭒⭒


Aaaah, Santorini... the place most people think of when Greece comes to mind. Probably the top island on everyone's Grecian bucket list. So, it was obviously on ours too! Santorini is no doubt beautiful,  breathtaking views in an abyss of blue and white. It was our second island of the trip, but not quite the best place for that relaxing vacation. 


AHHH, the oh so anticipated Greece trip is here. We have been here for over a week now, and it has been an interesting time. We started our trip with no luggage, slowly getting more bags as the trip went on, but my sister and I did not get our bag with all our clothes until 4 days in! It was ridiculous, and it wasn't just us, it happened to a lot of people. Thanks, AirFrance!!
We started our vacation on the island of Milos, one of the less popular Grecian islands (tourist-wise), but it was incredible. I can already tell you, Milos was the highlight of our trip for everyone! Even though we did not have much luggage at the time, it didn't take away from enjoying the island. I think one reason we really enjoyed it was that there were not a lot of tourists, it was not very busy, and we were able to slow it down a bit, as compared to Athens or even Santorini. I should also mention that we are only spending two days on each island, not a lot of time at all! We have packed a lot in.


I asked on an Instagram poll (PAUSE, if you aren't following me on insta GO: @thelifeofjojo_) if y'all would like to see my summer makeup routine and basically, everyone said yes! So here we are. Don't get me wrong, I do love a classic full glam look, but this time of year, I like it more natural and lighter! Summer makeup is also all about being quick and easy, you want to be able to throw something on and run out the door looking effortless and sun-kissed. ❊❊❊


I am still in disbelief that I am halfway finished with college... like what! Sophomore was more than I could have ever imagined, in the best way. I met some of my best friends and just some people that left lasting impacts on my life. The year was spent living in my sorority house, which was quite the time! As annoying as it got living with 35 or so girls and sharing a bathroom with 5 other girls, I will miss waking up to my best friends and be having so many closets to swap with. The biggest kicker of the year was my older sister GRADUATING! I cannot imagine Carolina without her, but also cannot wait to see what her future holds.


Helloooo everybody! It has been very sad for me not to be able to put as much attention and effort into my blog over the past few months, but it was honestly much needed so that I could focus on it when I knew I really had the time, aka now! This has been an extremely busy and stressful semester. I ended up rushing and pledging a co-ed professional business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi, which basically took over my life for a few months. We had Fashion Week for my club Fashion Board at USC which I am on exec for, and just a lot of sorority events in general. I worked the Masters Tournament in Augusta, GA (that was cool)! All the stress and time was definitely worth it though because this semester has been pretty great. I cannot believe sophomore year is coming to an end. What better way to finish it off than a fabulous formal with all of my favorite people and with my sister who is about to graduate (crazyyy)! 


HOLY MOLY. It feels good to be blogging again! Honestly, this semester has taken a lot out of me, and I am busier than I have been in a long time. Being busy is no excuse for not blogging, but I simply needed some time to regroup so I could put out great content.


What a more perfect time to get back into things than Spring Break! I went to Chicago, which yes you are probably wondering why on Earth would you go to Chicago for Spring Break. I visited my friends who live here and I found a really affordable flight, I could not pass it up! I had three jam-packed days in this windy city, all thanks to my incredible tour guide and photographer, Amanda. This post is pretty long, but it's worth the read!


Last week, I attended HerCampus South Carolina's Event, In Her Shoes, as a guest blogger. This event was student-led and featured over a dozen women making a difference in public relations and media fields. This event was a fantastic view of how different women view success and came about their careers. I thought I would share with you today a reflection of the main ideas I took away from the speakers and the outfit I wore to the event!


I have to admit... I am a victim of the "freshman 15", and it is okay. It is okay if you are not a victim too, go you dude! I thought staying fit in college was going to be so easy until I realized I was so so wrong. It is very easy to get caught up in the new and exciting life of college and to put your health on the back burner. I got into a little bit of a funk, but am ready to jump back on this health horse for the sake of my body (I think I have finally accepted I will never get my high school volleyball body back, its fine I'm fine)! This post may seem a little cliche, but these are four ways that have actually helped me stay somewhat fit while in college and that I will continue to follow. Also, let's be real, it is probably one of your New Year's resolutions, so why not try to not break it? I believe in you!
Here are my FOUR tips to stay fit:


Hello everyone and happy Monday! Today's post is about a store we all know and love... Target. This may come as a surprise to some of you, but Target's style department is almost always on point. They also recently launched new brands, that are chic and constantly innovating. I am telling y'all Target is more than just a killer dollar section! My favorite part of Target is definitely their shoes and their coats. 75% of the time if someone compliments my shoes, I will say, "thanks, Target!", and they get so confused.  Target's shoe section is constantly evolving, but also staying classic. All of my shoes are extremely comfortable and $50 or under, so I can wear them however much I want and not worry about ruining them too much. My favorites are my Black Over The Knee Boots and my Short Black Leather Booties. I had been on the hunt for the perfect pair of black leather booties and was shook when Target was the place I found them, but hey, not complaining! They are the booties I am wearing in this post. But, y'all... THIS COAT. I am in love. I have been wanting a cheetah faux fur coat, and when I stumbled upon this one in Target the other day, I knew I needed it. It is the perfect statement piece and actually keeps you warm. Basically, you need it too! This long one is sold out online, so I linked a very similar one from Target, but definitely still check your local Target because I was lusting for this one online and got lucky in-store.

FULL OUTFIT DETAILS | turtleneck: Madewell (the most PERFECT black turtleneck) // 
booties: Target // coat: Target // belt: Amazon (OBSESSED with this belt)

Special thanks to my bestie gal Natalie for showing me around Greenville and taking these amazing photos ❤ Check out her photography! Where is your favorite place to shop for affordable trends? I'd love to find new places to shop. Thanks for reading!

Best of 2017

Another year has come and gone... I really cannot believe it. 2017 flew by, but don't we say that about every year? I feel like we do. What a year it has been though! Thank you so much to everyone who has been reading my blog and keeping up with my life. I did a post like this at the end of last year, and I love looking back and realizing how much really does change in a year. This post is a little different than other posts, but I thought it would be a fun, simple way to rewind on on the year rather than dissect every month. I cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store, but for now here are some of my best of 2017:

Best of Fashion

Shoes: Birkenstocks, Adidas SuperStars, Black OTK boots
Fabric: Denim
Print(s): Leopard, Snakeskin
Accessory: Sunglasses 
Color Combo: Blue + White
Stores: Zara, Dress Up, Target

Best of Lifestyle
Snack: Roasted chickpeas, chocolate covered espresso beans
TV show: The Good Doctor, The Bold Type
Drink: Maple Latte
Podcast: Girlboss

Best of Travel

Vacation: London
Study Abroad: Cyprus
USA: Nashville
Columbia: Soda City Farmer's Market

2017 was honestly all-in-all a fantastic year. I am halfway finished with my second year of college, crazy. I traveled a lot this year, which I owe all my thanks to my parents for presenting that opportunity, and for it to continue in the future. I got to visit London (swooooon) and I got to study in the country where my grandfather grew up and met other young Cypriots from all over the world. I joyfully served as a camp counselor at the camp I grew up going to, St. Stephens. To top all my hard work off in and outside the classroom, I was elected as Vice President of Public Relations and Marketing for my sorority, as well as Secretary for Fashion Board at USC. 2017 was definitely a year of excitement and intent. I grew a lot this year and am so thankful for all the leaps of faith I pushed myself to take, which led me to full girlboss mode. However, this year definitely would not have been as great as it was if it was not for the people alongside me who made every moment so special.
S/O TO Y'ALL ✰✰✰ as always, thanks for reading & happy new year!