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1 // Portable Charger: I never go anywhere without this and thank God I do not! It is so convenient just in case your phone dies, plus this print is super trendy right now.

2 // Passport Cover: These can be very fun and personable or more classic, like black leather. I thought this one was super fun and girly.

3 // Evelyn Hanson Mug: Her stuff is the CUTEST. I especially love her map series. This is perfect for someone who just studied abroad in a special city or for their hometown! You can also do custom prints/mugs with their pet's face on it. 

4 // Notebook: A palm print is timeless and no one can have too many notebooks. In fact, I bet she probably needs a spare notebook anyways, you are welcome.

5 // Capri Blue Diffuser: There is a good chance she may not be able to have candles! Room diffusers work just as well and are super sleek. This scent is the exact one they burn in Anthropologie, so her room will be goals. 

6 // GirlBoss Book: Real talk, she probably needs a new book to read anyways. This one is life changing, super motivational, AND under $15. 

7 // Glossier Lipgloss: Glossy lips are very in at the moment, and you cannot go wrong with a classic clear gloss. Glossier's products do not disappoint. No joke I wear this lipgloss almost every single day, I cannot get enough.

Last year, I made a college student gift guide and it is one of my most read posts! I decided this year to do a more specific, college girl gift guide, with a super affordable price range in mind and items everyone will love/probably need. Hopefully, this will help you to shop for your secret Santa, friends, daughter, girlfriend, or sister. Thanks for reading! 


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