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Falling for Carolina

Whew... finally getting a post up. I am going to be honest, it is hard trying to find time to blog in college. I don't realize how much school has taken over my life until I don't have the time to do things I love as much! However, I am thankful for mornings on the horseshoe where I have time to actually take outfit pictures (even if its at 8:30am) and days off where I can actually sit down and put out good posts. I do not want to blog all the time if it will not be quality content! I hope y'all understand. 

Fall is in the air and winter is quickly approaching, but I am enjoying every bit of fall while I can. Can we just talk about how freaking good fall looks on Carolina. Okay, great talk... Nothing I love more than leaves everywhere and autumn tones throughout. My favorite thing about the cooler weather... sweaters! I especially love this one from Dress Up, it is a lightweight fabric but still keeps me warm and is super cozy. Garnet is also a staple color for fall (and for any Carolina fan all year). I paired the sweater with some of my favorite jeans from Zara (similar); the fringed ankles always amp up any outfit!