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Virginia Loving

I am quite surprised Fall Break actually felt like fall. Oh, how nice it was to not sweat everytime I stepped outside. It was even nicer to spend Fall Break at the University of Virginia, visiting my friend, Stephanie. I have heard UVA's campus is beautiful, but the talk does not do it justice! I loved it. Steph is one of my friends I met in Greece two summers ago, and we are basically the same person, loud, late to everything, etc. It was so great to spend so much time with her! 

Downtown Charlottesville was too cute. Also, all the food we had was amazing. I am extremely jealous of all the unique and delicious restaurants they have. My favorite place was definitely Roots, but this strawberry coconut smoothie from The Juice Place was so decadent as well. I wore this leopard print top from Nordstrom Rack, black jean shorts with Steph's sandals from Italy, and these sunglasses from Amazon. It was pretty warm out, so I had fall vibes going on while still dressing for the weather! Leopard is one of my favorite prints, especially in the fall/winter. I love this top because it is silk and lightweight, a perfect shirt for transitioning from warm to cold weather. 

Every time I venture into the ACC football world, I must say, it just leads to me to appreciating good old SEC football a little more. Virginia may not have the best football team, but it was very cool how they sit on a lawn to watch the games as opposed to normal stadium seating. I love experiencing how other schools do Saturdays! I wore this top that I honestly never wear because of the colors, but it was perfect for cheering on UVA, my favorite denim skirt, and of course trusty old cowboy boots.

Still so happy I was able to see Steph and hopefully, we will see each other soon! ♡ Maybe I will make it to Virgina again, but for now, back to the grind in Columbia! Stay tuned for more fall posts coming your way. Thanks for reading! 

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