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So I was at GoodWill last week to find a dress to wear for one of my shows at my Greek Festival, and I stumbled upon some denim skirts and immediately thought: "I can definitely cut this up for a distressed, trendy look"...
And here we are! I am going to give y'all easy, step-by-step instructions on
how to distress your own denim!

  • Start by figuring out where you want the distressed areas to be
  • Then you can start using the box cutter and slice about 3-4 lines less than 1/2 an inch apart (I recommend using a magazine in between the two layers of denim, for no extra slicing to be done) 
  • You then will pull the tabs apart to loosen them
  •  (With denim, the white fabric is laid horizontally and the blue fabric is laid vertically) So, you want to take the tweezers and grab the pieces of blue fabric and pull each individual one out (this takes a little bit of concentration and practice, but once you get the hang of it, it is quite relaxing!)

  • It should look similar to this once the blue pieces are all out for whatever area you want distressed. Then repeat! 
  • Honestly, the first hole you make will definitely not look as good as your last one, but that is totally alright. 
  • Then use the cheese grater all over to "wear out" the rest of the denim, I did this especially heavy on the pocket area and the bottom
  • For my skirt, I wanted to cut it shorter and add some fringe at the bottom, but it is not necessary! Figure out the length you want and then use the scissors to cut straight across, front and back. You then can add a faux "fringe" looking bottom by cutting tiny slits at the bottom all the way around.

    Here is my final product - of course make yours the way you want!

  • I love how easy and cheap this was! I do not think it is necessary to spend big bucks on something that is trendy at the moment. Plus, this was so fun and relaxing to make! I think my skirt is going to look so cute with an off-the-shoulder top or even a graphic tee! Here are some of my picks for tops I would style with this skirt or any distressed denim: 
    Let me know if you try this out and enjoy it!
    thanks for reading, xoxo
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    1. Great job on the skirt! It really looks like it was store bought hahaha!! May have to try this because I can use a cute distressed mini.


      1. Thanks Brenea, thats what I was going for!! Definitely try it out, it is so easy.

    2. I LOVE this diy post! So cool!! Definitely will have to try this out on a few of my jeans.

      Mackenzie | www.mackenziekendall.com

      1. Thanks Mackenzie!! So glad you think so, definitely try it out and let me know how it goes :)