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So I was at GoodWill last week to find a dress to wear for one of my shows at my Greek Festival, and I stumbled upon some denim skirts and immediately thought: "I can definitely cut this up for a distressed, trendy look"...
And here we are! I am going to give y'all easy, step-by-step instructions on
how to distress your own denim!

Poncin' Around

When you are away at school for a long time, you forget fun actually exists at home! I fell so in love with Columbia, it was very refreshing to re-fall in love with Atlanta. So my friend and I went to Ponce City Market, which has always been one of our favorite spots to eat and shop. We got King of Pops, which are delicious if you have never had them! I was also able to finally pick up Casey Holmes' Spotlight Palette (from my April Wish-List).
I wore this new top from Anthropologie and denim shorts from Dress Up. I love this top because pom-poms are adorable and it goes with so much! The colors of the pom-poms are very fun and vibrant, but also the top is simple and will go with so many different looks. It is a perfect for summer and even transitioning into fall. To tie in the pop of pink in the shorts I paired these adorable sunglasses, also from Dress Up! They have the best trendy and affordable items. If you've never checked them out, you need to; they are one of my absolute favorite stores. 
Had to stop at one of my favorite coffee shops - the Dancing Goat