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Down the Alley

This morning my visual merchandising class took a tour down Main Street, a strip across the State House in Columbia. If you haven't been on Main, I definitely recommend! It is very rustic and all the buildings are unique with a lot of options to eat and shop. My friend Emily and I decided to explore after the tour and stop at a coffee shop and we stumbled down an alley pointed out on our tour, and it was a definite photo-op. 
The other day I bought the most adorable white sweater from Vestique. I was trying to figure out how to style it into spring, even though its still pretty cold out. I found these pants in my closet which haven't been worn in a while and it turned out to be a perfect pairing! The dark background and neutral florals on these pants compliment so well with soft color and sleek lines of the top, plus the ruffle bell sleeves are very chic and on trend right now.

Janurary Favorites

Did Janurary fly by or is that just me? In the midst of this semester's first exams and the hype of Super Bowl weekend rapidly approaching (RISE UP), I'm excited to share what I have been loving this past month! I have found these to be my go-to items that never fail to disappoint.