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~College Student~ Holiday Gift Guide

The semester has come to an end, which means the Holidays are in full swing. Last minute shopping is a real thing that is definitely happening for most of us. College students can be very difficult to shop for because we never know what we want. So, here are some things college students would actually enjoy AND get great use of:
An extra iPhone cord- especially the extra long one will come in so much handy in the dorm or apartment they're in. It is always nice to have a long one for the wall and a shorter one for my laptop or car. I have had the best luck with the Apple brand ones!

Chances are they have a Keurig and they can never have too many extra K-Cups, especially if they're a coffee addict like me. Find out their favorite K-Cups and get them a box or two! To go along with that, get them a cute travel mug for their coffee! I love this one from Bando.

Custom wall-art/prints are a very personal item to gift someone. My friend's sister makes the most stunning pieces on her etsy shop, simplystatedinink
I do not think anyone will pass up a good 'ole cozy blanket. That is all. 
S'well bottles are all the rage right now and for the right reasons. They keep your drink cold all day and are actually pleasant looking. I use mine everyday!
Another really thoughtful, personalized gift is RedBubble stickers. There are thousands to choose from that can really bring out the uniqueness of everyone! 

I wear my moccasins probably more often than I should. They are so easy to throw on and comfy for just hanging around or running somewhere quick. I have these from Steve Madden and I am obsessed.

College kids love to Uber, but their bank accounts sure do not. Grab them an Uber gift card. Trust me, it will be put to very good use!
Let me know what gifts you actually would use and would love to receive!

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