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~College Student~ Holiday Gift Guide

The semester has come to an end, which means the Holidays are in full swing. Last minute shopping is a real thing that is definitely happening for most of us. College students can be very difficult to shop for because we never know what we want. So, here are some things college students would actually enjoy AND get great use of:
An extra iPhone cord- especially the extra long one will come in so much handy in the dorm or apartment they're in. It is always nice to have a long one for the wall and a shorter one for my laptop or car. I have had the best luck with the Apple brand ones!

Summer Travels - Pt. 2: Greece

In mid-June to early-July, I was fortunate enough to attend Ionian Village, a Greek Orthodox camp in Greece. I know, this sounds incredible right? However, I was not too thrilled. I thought leaving the summer before college to travel across the world (for the first time) with no phone, was not the best plan for me. I was completely wrong. I noticed some familiar faces and a place which instantly felt like home. It took about an hour at IV for me to realize this was going to be the best summer of my life. From the beach to the pool, a surprise activity every night, spontaneous Greek dancing, a pig head at dinner, visiting a new church every week, interacting with the locals of Greece, and traveling to the most breathe-taking places, it is not your average summer camp.

Meet me at the Chapel

Summer Travels - Pt. 1: Cruise

This summer was one of many firsts for me. I left the United States for the first time ever and finally got to see the world. For my grandparents 50th anniversary, we went on a cruise! It was quite the adventure with all eleven of my family members, but it was definitely an adventure to remember.

The ship was incredible; way larger than I could have imagined and there were so many places to go. There were water shows, mini-broadway shows - we saw Mamma Mia, and a plentiful amount of places to eat.
My little brother was loving the island style attire, as we typically would dress semi-casual to dinner, unless it was a formal night. I opted for the classic resort attire - Lilly Pulitzer.
Of course, the best part of the cruise was the travel days. We went to three different destinations.

A private beach we somehow got to see - St. Marteen

San Juan, Puerto Rico was our next stop which was more on the historical spectrum.

Labadee, Haiti was breathtaking, and by far my favorite stop we had.

Overall, this family vacation was one for the books. Not sure if we will all be going on a cruise again anytime soon, but I definitely recommend a cruise at some point!

xo, jojo